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Spectrum analyzer

To help you judge the reverb behavior and the effect of the Decay Rate EQ and Post EQ, FabFilter Pro-R includes a powerful real-time frequency analyzer. By default, the analyzer shows the post-processing spectrum, plus an informative and beautiful visualization of the reverb decay over the spectrum.

Spectrum analyzer

The thin white line shows the real-time output spectrum, just as you may be used to in FabFilter Pro-Q 2 for example. Behind the white line, soft yellow curves appear that fall off and fade in relation to the current reverb time, which might of course vary at different parts of the spectrum. At a glance, it gives you a great impression of what the reverb sounds like and how it decays.

Spectrum analyzer Settings


In the bottom bar, you can customize what the spectrum analyzer is showing. You can choose between Reverb+Post (default), Pre+Post or Off.

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