Jeff Juliano

Jeff Juliano is a mixer based out of Lewes Delaware. He started his career as a recording engineer in 1995 and then eventually moved on to his true passion of being a mix engineer in 2004.

Jeff's career began on consoles and tape machines which has now morphed into his custom built hybrid mix room, where he combines the best of vintage and new analog outboard gear, analog summing and state of the art plugins.

His discography includes artists such as: Train, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Phillip Phillips, Lifehouse, Shinedown, O.A.R., Miley Cyrus, Steven Lee Olsen, Satellite, All Time Low, Paramore, Dave Matthews Band, Black Stone Cherry, Green River Ordinance, Lovedrug, Honor By August, Cassadee Pope, Steve Moaker, Bruce Hornsby and Josh Kelley.

Jeff's work has collectively sold over 30 million records world wide.

Jeff Juliano and FabFilter

"I heard about FabFilter from a few engineers I truly respect and trust their ears. FabFilter Pro-DS literally is the best de-esser I've ever used. I'm extremely aware of vocal sibilance. Since discovering Pro-DS the worry of dealing with any level of vocal sibilance has vanished."

"And Pro-Q has gotten me out of so many difficult situations. It can be surgical and extremely musical at the same time. This is something I feel is lacking in many other EQ plugins. The top end of Pro-Q is the smoothest of any other plugin EQ."


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