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Educational Discount?

I'm a music student looking to buy the total bundle and have heard that Fabfilter offers an educational discount. I've emailed them a few times but haven't heard back. Does anyone know if there's a form that I can fill out? Thanks.

Matthew Feinman

Hi Matthew,

We were away for a few days around Christmas, but I'm back in the office and answering e-mail right now :-)

To answer your question: to apply for an educational discount, you need to send an e-mail at info@fabfilter.com and include your full name and prove (a scan/jpg/pdf) of the fact that you are a student.



Floris (FabFilter)

Hey there. Thanks for the fast response! I've replied to your email.

Matthew Feinman

Hi, I'm a university student, but not a music student. Can I apply the educational discount as well? Thanks


Hi larme,

Sure, just send us an e-mail!

Floris (FabFilter)

How much is the student discount?

molly hatter


We offer 50% educational discount on all plug-ins and bundles, and you can apply for an educational account via the following form:



Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Fabs,

Is this educational discount available to international students? Like me in Australia? Please say 'yes'.

Here's hoping,

Alex L

Yes it is. Just apply here:


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hello FF,

Are the student discounted purchases perpetual or are they authorized year to year?

Mookie Asada

Hi there , does the fifty percent discount apply to part time students as well i.e college night course ? Thanks

Tim Anderson

I have found myself in a similar position to the one the original poster had, I’ve been emailing for the last few days trying to get another link for my discounted invoice and I have yet to hear back. I’m quite excited to start using some of my favorite plugins and it’s killing me to go without a response!

Isaiah Glenn

Hi Isaiah,

We've had some reports of educational applications not coming in. Could you send me an email at info@fabfilter.com if you still haven't heard back?


Ralph (FabFilter)

Hi, I applied for your educational discount but haven't heard back yet. I just wanted to make sure it was submitted correctly. Thank you!

Collin Root
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