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Hi there Fabfilter, I hope that you see this. I really love your "volcano" filter. It is simply amazing. Unfortunately I had no money to pay for it so I torrented it. However before I torrented volcano I decided that I would still pay for it once I got enough money. I thought I'd let you know that I had no intension of ripping you off, please forgive me :(


You should pay some leasing money untill you buy it.. :)


Ill just buy another program haha, but I got my pay check so I can buy it now :D


so you are demanding respect for being a thief or else you won't buy their program?...I'm in disbelief at your self entitled attitude. You could have just as easily downloaded their demos to test out. Small software companies like softube are the ones being hit the most by piracy and for you to come here and spew nonsense is not even worth their reply or time.


What did you even read what I said? I'm not demanding anything... I was getting warning messages so I thought I'd try to let them know that I wasn't ripping them off. And what difference does it make if I torrented it versus getting the demo when I was planning on buying it.


you are demanding respect and forgiveness, when you clearly know that you will never get either from yourself (judging by the clear state of psychosis and denial you are in) or the companies you pirate from. I know what its like because I've been there myself. "Planning" on buying it doesn't mean you are...and you won't, so you came here looking for a fight to justify your actions by taking a crap of a thread. Its purely psychotic and unwanted by any software developer, not to mention any boasting or even mention of the act, non-the-less on their own turf.


the difference between a torrent "demo" and an official demo supplied by the originator may seem small but it has a name. its called copyright violation. and theoretically, someone could get sued.

potato patato.

district attorney

This could be a very interesting thread. There appears to be an ethics of innocence evolving regarding the issue of media piracy on the world wide web?


Dylan --> I'm calling you out as a troll, but I'll respond anyway... As I said in my second post I have boughten the program. Although it might be hard for you to believe, there is such a thing as an honest person. Also, like I said before, I've demanded nothing; you simply think I have. You have also made the assertions that I'm looking for a fight, boasting, and that I'm full of myself. I am sorry I rubbed you the wrong way, you clearly have some problems when it comes to these sort of things.

D.A. --> I know the risks involved with torrenting, however since I was a student without a job I did not know how long it would be until I could buy the program. I saw torrenting as a way for me to use the program until I managed to raise enough money to pay for said program.

Fauxpa --> It would appear so.



Although we appreciate your enthusiasm, honesty and love for our plug-ins, please keep in mind that this is a support forum;

it's meant for FabFilter users to contact us and other users directly to ask questions, report bugs and discuss features...

So let's consider this discussion closed now :-)


Floris (FabFilter)

Sorry for the trouble :)


fuck you fabfilter, I love using your cracked torrented plugins stop telling me I got a virus!! I'm gonna make money off your plugins whether you like it or not!!


I think that software thieves are SCUM of the earth!!! These brilliant Fabfilter programmers deserve to be paid handsomely for their hard work coming up with fantastic software....And in fact they are a great value and very inexpensive...If you don't have the money, then get off your lazy fucking ass and go earn it like the rest of us do...Who in the hell gives you the right to steal?? I hate people like you...Your the kind of scum that screws it up for all of us! Eat shit and die you thieving assholes!!


im sad for these poor ppl

Jack Hoff
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