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Bundle Upgrades?

I don't see anything about upgrade pricing for bundles. Say I purchase the Mixing Bundle and then decide I can't live without the Total Bundle. Do I pay the difference? (say "yes")


Almost: after your first purchase, you can buy additional plug-ins with a discount via your FabFilter account. The discount depends on the value of the plug-ins that you already own. It's cheaper to buy the Total Bundle in one step though.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I got the mix-bundle and some other plug-ins. If I purchase the remaining plug-ins so that i own all of them ... can I download and install the total-bundle after future-updates?
I don't need "One" but it would be nice to have a much faster installation :-)

Chris L.

Hi Chris,

You can always use the Total Bundle installer, regardless of the plugins you own: during installation, you can choose which plugins you want to install!


Thx for the info ... good to know :-)


Chris L.

I want to buy a pro bundle from another vendor. This includes PRO-Q2 PRO-L which is included. Do I have to pay for the upgrade?

pro bundle?


Official vendors -always- sell the latest version of our bundles, including the latest versions of our plug-ins. If their websites state differently, ask to be sure, or simply don't purchase there.

Of course, you can also always purchase via www.fabfilter.com/shop

Floris (FabFilter)

If I buy the total bundle today, and there are updates for their plugins tomorrow, how much do I have to pay to upgrade/update to the newest software?

waves charges 225/year to get the most up to date version if you choose. like the V10.


Minor updates are always free. If we do a major update (for example Pro-Q 2 to 3), we offer at least 50% upgrade discount for existing users. And we always do a "grace period" of about two months so if you bought Pro-Q 2 or a bundle with Pro-Q 2 just before the Pro-Q 3 release, you'll get the upgrade for free.

Let me give an example. Say you bought a Total Bundle last year in April for $999, with Pro-Q 2. We released Pro-Q 3 in November, and you would have been able to upgrade with 65% discount (because you own so many other plug-ins, you get an extra "loyalty" discount) for $62.65. We also released minor updates for all plug-ins in February and March 2019, which were free. Typically we do major updates for a plug-in only after 4-5 years.


Frederik (FabFilter)

It seems a little bit unfair, that if you had purchased the Essentials Bundle two months ago and wanted to upgrade to the Pro Bundle that you would be required to pay more under your loyalty program (paying for them individually) than today's sale price...


Where can i see the upgrade discount for Pro-Q3 since I already have Pro-Q2 ?

Francis Brisebois

Hi Francis,

Just login to your account at www.fabfilter.com/myaccount. Below your purchase overview you will see your personal upgrade offer, where you can purchase any additional products and upgrades.

Cheers, Ralph

Ralph (FabFilter)

If i buy fx bundle rightnow... And then i upgrade it to total bundle.. do i pay more than i pay for directly total bundle?


In our system, it is always cheaper to buy multiple plug-ins at once (e.g bundle purchase). If you decide to upgrade to a bundle in a later stage you won't have to buy the plug-in twice and you'll receive a loyalty discount for the plug-in(s) you bought earlier. However, please note that this discount won't be the same as a Bundle purchase.

Ralph (FabFilter)

I think this is an area that would be worth developing in addition to the amazing plugins. Somehow it should be made possible for everyone to buy the entire portfolio, in pieces, for the same price, as companies or more rich individuals the whole bundle.


It's a little confusing that it says upgrade when I don't own the prior version of the plug-in. If I buy Saturn 2 under my upgrade offers does that mean I need Saturn 1?

David Atwood

Hi David,

The plug-ins shown in your personal upgrade offer should need not additional plug-ins. If you do not have Saturn 1, you will not even have the option to buy the upgrade version of Saturn 2. If it is the upgrade version it also clearly says so, and the plug-in is shown in blue letters instead of white.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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