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Bundle Upgrades?

I don't see anything about upgrade pricing for bundles. Say I purchase the Mixing Bundle and then decide I can't live without the Total Bundle. Do I pay the difference? (say "yes")


Almost: after your first purchase, you can buy additional plug-ins with a discount via your FabFilter account. The discount depends on the value of the plug-ins that you already own. It's cheaper to buy the Total Bundle in one step though.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I got the mix-bundle and some other plug-ins. If I purchase the remaining plug-ins so that i own all of them ... can I download and install the total-bundle after future-updates?
I don't need "One" but it would be nice to have a much faster installation :-)

Chris L.

Hi Chris,

You can always use the Total Bundle installer, regardless of the plugins you own: during installation, you can choose which plugins you want to install!


Thx for the info ... good to know :-)


Chris L.

I want to buy a pro bundle from another vendor. This includes PRO-Q2 PRO-L which is included. Do I have to pay for the upgrade?

pro bundle?


Official vendors -always- sell the latest version of our bundles, including the latest versions of our plug-ins. If their websites state differently, ask to be sure, or simply don't purchase there.

Of course, you can also always purchase via www.fabfilter.com/shop

Floris (FabFilter)

If I buy the total bundle today, and there are updates for their plugins tomorrow, how much do I have to pay to upgrade/update to the newest software?

waves charges 225/year to get the most up to date version if you choose. like the V10.


Minor updates are always free. If we do a major update (for example Pro-Q 2 to 3), we offer at least 50% upgrade discount for existing users. And we always do a "grace period" of about two months so if you bought Pro-Q 2 or a bundle with Pro-Q 2 just before the Pro-Q 3 release, you'll get the upgrade for free.

Let me give an example. Say you bought a Total Bundle last year in April for $999, with Pro-Q 2. We released Pro-Q 3 in November, and you would have been able to upgrade with 65% discount (because you own so many other plug-ins, you get an extra "loyalty" discount) for $62.65. We also released minor updates for all plug-ins in February and March 2019, which were free. Typically we do major updates for a plug-in only after 4-5 years.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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