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FabFilter Pro-G 1.01 with ducking!

Hi guys,

We have updated the FabFilter Pro-G gate/expander plug-in to version 1.01, adding a much requested 'ducking' style and various bug fixes and small improvements. This is a free update for existing Pro-G users.

Here is a full list of the changes in Pro-G 1.01:

  • Added new 'Ducking' style, implementing inverted gate/expander behavior. A typical application of ducking is to automatically lower the level of a musical background track when a voice-over starts, and to bring the level up again when the voice-over stops (in movies and on radio broadcasts). Ducking can also be used to achieve the well-known and very popular 'pumping' effect, much used in modern dance music.
  • Improved keyboard handling on Windows, fixing the "space key stealing" problem in Studio One and FL Studio.
  • Improved mouse handling behavior in Pro Tools when Cmd+Ctrl / Ctrl+Win -clicking a control to show the automation timeline.
  • Fixed crash in MOTU Digital Performer with the mono version of Pro-G.

The FabFilter Pro-G 1.01 update is available now at www.fabfilter.com/download


Floris (FabFilter)


I hace a G5 dual 2ghz, 4 gig ram, OSX 10.5.8, LOGIC PRO 9.0.2.

I Installed the demo, but it crashes the AUdio Unit test.

Any idea why?

Papa Flavor

Coool ... you made it as announced ... and i buy it as announced ... :-D

Chris L.


I really apreciate it! I like your plugin's and the way you keep in tough with the users!

Het beste!



I was very excited to see an update addressing the mono version of Pro-G crashing MOTU DP! I really do appreciate the quick-response product support and customer service you guys have at FabFilter!

However, sadly, when I downloaded and installed the Pro-G 1.01 update, it DID NOT PASS the AU examine test of MOTU DP!

My system specs are:
MOTU DP 7.24
Mac OS X, ver. 10.5.8
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo


Nathan Johnson

Hi all,

I just noticed that you are both on OS X 10.5. After some testing, we found that there is a problem with the Pro-G 1.01 update that causes it to crash on OS X 10.5. We'll be able to fix this on Monday and will upload a new version then.

In the mean time, you can still download the old Pro-G 1.00 version (compatible with OS X 10.5) here:

Our apologies!

Frederik (FabFilter)

"- Improved keyboard handling on Windows, fixing the "space key stealing" problem in Studio One and FL Studio. "

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! Now, please do this with your otherplugins too. Love your support. Thank you!



I installed the Pro-G 1.02 update I was emailed about and IT WORKS in MOTU DP on OSX 10.5!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You guys have the best customer support I have EVER witnessed!

Nathan Johnson

Thanks! The 1.02 update is now officially available on the download page.

Changes in version 1.02:

  • Fixed crash in the AU version of Pro-G on Mac OS X 10.5 (accidentally introduced in version 1.01).
  • Accessing the included help file on Mac OS X now works properly.


Frederik (FabFilter)

The ducking algorithm is meant to be MIDI triggerable, no? How do I accomplish this in Pro Tools? I've got a MIDI pulse routed to the MIDI input of the plugin. The MIDI indicator in Pro-G is blinking accordingly. In the 'Expert' panel, Side Chain is set to Ext.

Nothing Happens. What am I missing?


Hi Egon,

Correct, Pro-G sees a MIDI input as a 0dbFS input signal, both in internal and external side chain mode.

If you want to trigger is just to the MIDI, you would have to set the side chain to external. However, you do have to set up an external side chain bus. If there is no side chain bus selected in the top of the plug-in window, or if there is a bus selected but there is no channel assigned to that bus, Pro Tools will just send the input signal to the side chain signal as well. So you will have to make a "dummy" send to the side-chain, which is not sending anything.

Please let me know if this resolves your issue.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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