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ProQ Features request

Hi,any chance to see that one day?
1-a hold option for the spectrum
2-a zoom


Already on the wish list! :-)


Frederik (FabFilter)


I often wrote numerial value via numpad and it's very frustrating that Pro-Q doesn't recognize the common as dot. Can you PLEASE make that if I wrote like 0,5 via numpad, the Pro-Q would recognize it as 0.5. This is very small thing, but in longer run this is so frustrating.. Thank you!

Thank your Fabfilter

... good point! I've added it to the the list. We'll look into it!


Floris (FabFIlter)


I also have troubles with my numpad in Pro-Q3, but of a different kind.

I use Pro-Q in FL Studio. In all my FabFilter VST's, I can use the numpad, but in Pro-Q, I can't.

Can someone help me with this?


Hi Jeroen,

I just tried Pro-Q 3.11 (64-bit VST3) in FL Studio 20.0.4, and could use the numeric pad on my keyboard without any problem. Is it possible you have Num Lock disabled on your keyboard? :)


Frederik (FabFilter)
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