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Give me a discount =)

My interest was raised in a new EQ plugin But Waves Current Deal on H-EQ but after checking the options for my $$,... I think I prefer the Pro-Q...

come on guys give me a discount coupon, the Waves deal is a $99 plugin with a $100 discount coupon..

I WANT Pro-Q so give me a alittle joy ;)


Hi thomas4d,

At the moment, there aren't any special sales or discounts on FabFIlter Pro-Q. We do organize sales once in a while, but as you might understand we never announce these in advance :-)

Floris (FabFIlter)

+ one for the deal on pro q. I have a few waves plugins but have tried the pro q and very much prefer it .
Please offer a deal soon :)


Yes for discounts! So many developers are offering frequent sales on their plugins. Sure helps to motivate a purchase when a sale is on. Got my Flux bundle for 50% off. Great deal. Same for my Abbey Road plugins, etc.


yep! you guys need to have more regular discounts.. pretty much everyone does them these days.. i love your plugins whenever i use them but can never justify the high price tag.. i think you would have a lot more popularity if you did the semi occasional sale.. it also makes me keep going back with repeated purchases the to manufacturers that do. soundtoys, slate, waves, etc are killing it on this front and i'll happily splash some cash whenever they do and when i can afford it.. it feels like they're doing the right thing by us as consumers, so i'm happy to regularly support them in exchange..

as a side note (hint!): i would have loved to see the pro-q2 @ 50%-80% off during black friday for instance..

thanks for reading, and i love the plugins, - i just can't afford them :/


Buy it at full price. You won't regret it. :)


kiss my ass.. i'm poor..


JJ, not defending FF here but think twice:

Having very frequent discounts would be a slap in the face of customers who bought their plugins at regular price. People would wait for discounts knowing that the software isn't worth the regular asking price. Worst case scenario for FF: Those people become impatient and purchase a competing product.

Waves is a particularly BAD example imo. Who with a sane mind buys their stuff at regular price? I just received an email from them informing me that I have to purchase the "update plan" for their 2015 black Friday givaway, otherwise it will expire eventually.
FF don't milk their customers with annoying backdoors like that.


thomas4d, I sent you a discount code!


@nexis what is the code


Sent it to you.


I would make great use of a discount code if possible!!
I need to use many plugs from the bundle for a session passed to me, and even though these are amazing plugins, I still don't own a copy yet.


I'm broke as hell too, but I would never beg for a discount simply because other companies offer them al the time. FF is high end IMO, and so they are worth paying the money to.

I only have FF Pro-C 2, and t has worked well for me. I love it.


To DEMAND a company give you a discount is arrogant as I don't know what. Then to threaten to buy from somewhere else, SMH. Do it.


Fabfilter's discount policy is completely flawed in my eyes. That is why I never spend a dime here so far. Look at today's Black Friday deal for example, which is in effect now as we speak: They only grant 25% on a whole bundle. Basically granted only discount to those who can afford in anyway. They might be good plug-in makers, but I don't think they fully understand their user base and / or their potential market at all (at least from a business perspective).

I was going to get two to three plugins at fabfilter now during black friday, but I can only laugh at what they came up with again. So out of touch.

Let me end this with a quote from a book you all might know: "So long and thanks for all the fish!".

PS: Dear Fabfilter, while you are at it, you might want to change your Captcha Code and make it readable. This should be a security measure, not a freakn eye test!!!




Customers who expect a good deal on Black Friday or any other deal day aren't arrogant: It is a mindset that the industry has fostered to reel in new clients and create a novel customer base that otherwise wouldn't come to exist. It's a smart marketing tool, it is a rational model, it serves both the company and its (new) clients. It is a system that has proven itself over the years, because it is a system that works!

There must be thousands out there that would buy Fabfilter products, if only their overpriced plugins would come down in price (if only for one day a year). It is something that has been discussed at length in many forums over the years so I will not get into it.

Anyway, it is not us customers who are arrogant here. It's not like the plugins must be produced in a factory with high labor costs and what not! The development of the plugins has been paid back a long time ago. I suspect it is more of a mindset issue here...

Granting only discounts on a whole bundle, targeting only large studios and neglecting a growing base of home studio owners, that sort of policy IMO can only flow from an elitist mindset. And that's OK too. Many potential customers will be lost for Fabfilter. If they think that's a good thing, that's OK too. Tip toeing towards the educational sector is also OK. After all, who are we to call into question what Fabs are doing.

Great plug ins, yes, but please don't call us arrogant if we decide to "do it" and shop elsewhere. Since for a lot of us money doesn't grow on trees, this is not arrogant, but a smart business decision and for many a matter of responsible budgetary oversight. So please shake your head while I and many others who read this post go out and "Do it". I am not arrogant for not feeling attracted to mini-discounts misleadingly referred to as deals! I for myself have made up my mind and will certainly never click on any of Fabfilters email campaign pseudo deals anymore!

Have a great black Friday and much fun looking for real deals... Cheers!


The guy who makes the Valhalla Reverb never gives any discount and thinks that i fair.

I don't get why people discuss what is fair.
If u dont like the discounts of FabFilter don't buy their plugins.
go to another competidor.
The Z guys or The W guys.

I also dont like the when i have to pay money.
And i don't like that i have to spend money for updates.
Thats why i'm a FL user. Because updates are free.

But the business model of a company is the companys problem.
Put your money where u think it is a good investment.
And into the company u want to make bigger.

The crying of u guys just shows that u want to buy the plugins.
And don't want to pay the price.
Inside i cryed the same way before and even after i bought.
Because its not cheap here. But that doesn't helps.

U buy here quality plugins. And u have to pay for that.


Hello, i really want to buy this product like PRO BUNDLE its any chance to get discount code for this bundle ? or i need wait to next black friday? this one i was miss because i was have a car accident and I have recovered for a long time after this....
its any chance?


Hey its will be nice get answer, because i dont know what to do , if you cant offer me discount im sorry but i will be wait or buy from ozon izotop


Right now your only option is to request a referral from a registered user which would earn you a 10% discount (if you are a new customer).


What is your email, I'll be happy to give you a discount code.


Hello guys, I just discovered (but it's never too late) amazing plugin Pro L2. And it could be my first Fabfilter plugin. I would like to make a purchase with a discount coupon. Does anyone please and could give it to me? Thank you and I send many greetings from Europe!

Fabfilter Pro L 2

Hello guys, I just discovered (but it's never too late) amazing plugin Pro L2. And it could be my first Fabfilter plugin. I would like to make a purchase with a discount coupon. Does anyone please and could give it to me? Thank you and I send many greetings from Europe! petr.kopcil@firestarter.cz

Fabfilter Pro L 2

Please somebody send me a discount coupon - dublord at gmail com
Much thanks!


My son is asking me to buy this plugin. I see his passion in music. He spend hours on computer creating music while same time he is taking care of his college studies superbly. He is a great kid and I love him dearly. He rightfully deserves it but I cannot afford it at this moment. Is there any promotion can be offered to me. Thanks

Ali Sakib

Guy, I’d like to purchase the full package but was looking on line if there are any discount options, do you have any codes or offers at this time?

Thanks in advance for your generousity


Ali and Mark, if you are no FabFilter customers yet I can send you both a 10% discount coupon that can be used on any plug-in or bundle in our online store. Please send your e-mail addresses to heelveel@koekjeseten.nl so I send you an invite code!


Usually FF has a sale around July/August on bundles, so if you're looking to buy it might be worth holding out until then, if possible. I think it's usually 25% off.

Torben Andersen

Wondering has Fab Filter offered any sales more than 25% off in the company's history ever?

Sheldon Tam

Someone send me the coupon code please! Thanks.

Elijah Walker

Just leave your email here and I will send you one!

Jon Wymore

send me a coupon !
Im wanting FFProQ2

Andrew Cowton

Andrew you simply need to leave your email here or send me an email at

jnwymore at juno dot com

Jon Wymore

Hi, I’d love a discount too! I’m planning on getting the Total Bundle. I’m brianjcarroll2 (at) gmail

Thank you!!


^ Sent


Wow.....such passion about FF's business choices.

If you haters put this passion into your production/mixing etc, I'm sure anything you touch is epic!

Come to think of it, with this kind of fire, who needs quality plugins ?!!

I too hope to see discounts worth mentioning, but I dont expect or demand anything.

FF is a BUSINESS that develops AWESOME products. And they probably want to continue doing so.


Hi , can Somebody send me a Discount Code ? Thanks




Jon Wymore

Hi guys!
I am also waiting for a discount on Q2 for quite a long time. I will be really grateful for Discount Code. I tried demo and was really astonished by this plugin. Unfortunately I am just enthusiast and don't need and can't afford buying whole bundle even with 25% discount, sadly. But I care about my music.
Best regards,


^ Sent


I would love a discount code as well ... Thanks in advance :-)


You need to leave your email address.


Hi guys,

Looking to buy Saturn! Such a great plugin!

Can anyone send any discount codes? Would be abundantly appreciated.






Please send me the discount code also, please. Thank you in advance.




Jon Wymore

I'll be happy to send anyone a discount code too. Just send an email my way : jf1888112 -at- gmail.com


Hello to all of you. I love Fabfilter plugins, so I am planing to buy FX bundle, but it is very expensive for me. Is there a way to get a discount code please? Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

Samo Kališnik


Jon Wymore

Please send me a discount too ! I’m planning on getting the Total Bundle

Thank you !!!!!!


You need to leave your email address.


Hi there,

I'm after a discount for the pro Q2 plug-in as my free trial has expired and I can't afford it even with the educational discount as I'm a second year university student,


Matt Carson

Hi, I'm looking to get a solid EQ plugin for my setup, and any discount will help. If someone has a discount code could they send it?

Email: madeline.s.currie@gmail.com



@Ben what is your e-mail address?
@ Matt Carson what is your e-mail address?
@Madeline sent!


I'm looking for a personal bundle...you're plugins are such great...and it would be great having a discount, it will help a lot :)

email: valepartiture@gmail.com

Thanks a lot! :)


@Vale sent! :)


Hello some one can send me dissount coupon on my email
Many thanks


@Michal sent!


Email: Benedikt.Bachmayr@gmx.at


@Ben sent!



can you also send me a discount-code, please?

Best Regards


@Andreas what is your email address?




Thank you very much! :)


@Andreas sent!


Please send me the discount code also, thanks!



@Johnny sent!


Hi guys, sorry for bothering, could you please send me a discount code, will really appreciate it! my email is acetone-at-europe.com. Thanks in advance!
BTW: there is a sale on some of the FF plugins at pluginboutique right now.



Thank you for the code, and have a nice day!


@laurenz can u send me the discount code? thanks


Want to buy the whole bundle, can someone send me a discount code too please?

email: adam.kulbakas@gmail.com


@Stefavill sent!
@Adam sent!


Hey Everyone I'd just wait and see if Fabfilter does something for black friday.....usually better than 10%....we'll see.

Jon Wymore

Okay I will wait then, fingers crossed.


Damn, what a bunch of crybaby's here :) And NO, money doesn't grow on my back either. If its your "business" choice not to spend a little bit more on a little bit more, you might as well work with stock plugins. Which also is good. Compared with hardware, these plugs offer a pretty good alternative and not a bad deal at all. I baught the essentials bundle last year, and now I have discounts on all products. The more I buy, the better they get. Why would they give it away ? If they produce high end plugs, why would they aim on people who only look for the cheapest deals. If you think they made a bad "business" discision there, I guess you're blind, cause they are still around, and doing pretty well I guess.


btw, if I buy all the other plugins of them that I don't have already in one buy, I get 50% off, I don't think thats a bad deal at all.
€632,25 Instead of €1.239,00.



Can you please send me a discount code:



^ Sent


If someone could send me a discount code to my email, it would be greatly appreciated. Trying to get the Total bundle ASAP. Thank you in advance!


whats your email address to send you the invitation?


FYI Chris you can't combine discounts, so right now the total bundle is 25% off, so that's the best you'll get (which is very nice). The 10% is only for new customers and only applies to items that are regularly priced.

Jon Wymore

Hi im looking to purchase the total bundle and become apart of the FabFilter Family can someone please send me a discount to 16eightynine@gmail.com Thank You Happy Holidays to all.


Hey i looking for 10% off coupon i really need
Thanks for someone who can share


My email


^ Sent


Hey i checked my email but not have any msgs :{



Hi guys. I've been trialing the Pro Q3 - That things is absolutely fantastic. Looking to purchase. Any one kind enough to send some coupons please?

Thanks in advance


Sure! What is your email?

Gareth Devlin

I'm looking to buy pro-q and pro-c. Can someone tell me which is usualy the best period of the year to join the band wagon (price wise)? A discount code would be appreciated too!

mathieulaverdiere83@gmail (dot) com

Mathieu Laverdière

Would love a discount code for buying Pro Q 3 please.

Raffaele Bonetti Epifania


Raffaele Bonetti Epifania

@raffaele bonetti done!
@mathieu laverdière i can't answer your question, unfortunately. but i sent you a code as well.


I would like to buy Fabfilter Pro Q3 at a discount if possible.
If i earned enough i would just buy it, but i don't...Sorry. And kudos to your company. I played with Q on a friends machine and loved it. Plus i have seen it in several masterclasses. Impressive and well loved by all audio people. Fingers crossed.


Hi ! After trialing your bundle and comparing to what's on the market, yours are really the best !
I'am hesitating between the Q3 alone or the Mixing Bundle, but the price is a little high for me...
I would love a discount code for one or the other so I can make my choice ;)
Thanks and have a good day :)
My email : drik64@outlook.com



Jon Wymore

Hi, after a short trial on the Q3, DS and C2 I love them all so considering a bundle which gets them all. Can someone please, please send me a discount code ta very much !
I'd also like some of the other plugins but think they'll have to wait a bit. Does any one use the Saturn and whats it like ?



Sent ^

I currently don't have Saturn but if you need saturation/distortion it's very good from what others have said and used it for. Lots of options as always from Fabfilter

Jon Wymore

..if you are able to send a discount/referral thing, anything that helps would be appreciated over here; Thanks for taking the time; Greets, Christian

Jon Wymore

Hello folks!
..anybody able to send a discount option to me? I would highly appreciate that! Thanks for helping and taking the time, Greets, Christian !


I would like to obtain a discount as well. After Demoing LOTS of plugins (it seems like every effect from Audified to XILS-Lab) I am going to pick up Saturn and the Pro Bundle to go along with my Waves bundle.

Fabfilter seems to have all of the features I want to see in a working set of plugins.

Thank you very much!


Byron Thomas

anybody able to refer me..?
..would help, highly appreciated..



Sent links to both of you


Hi! I am as well very interested on getting a discount code for Pro-Q 3, I really wanna buy it but money is very tight atm! It would really help. Many thanks in advance!
My email is: pablo.ortega.fortun@gmail.com

Pablo Ortega

Thank you Thomas!

Pablo Ortega


please send me a code so i can buy asap. love the quality of these plugins!

Chandramouli Iyer

Discount sent to: Chandra.iyer13@gmail.com


I would love a discount code for the Fabfilter Q3. I am an enthusiast with two kids and a mortgage. Unfortunately i don't have much spare money and my wife hates me spending money on music as it earns no money for us. It would be very much appreciate if you could. scottcollins71@icloud.com


Sent ^

Jon Wymore

Hello, I live in Central America doing music for educational documentaries of the largest distance university in the region, where there are more indigenous communities and poor people, you earn very little to buy this bundle that would give me the tools to improve my work Would a discount be possible? I always dreamed about FabFilter Mastering Bundle and now that I see this topic in the forum I felt some hope ... Well, if they gave me time to get money and some substantial help, I have more than 30 international awards making music but I never had the tools of quality I do not earn anything for those awards, they are left by the university, and here there are no strong economic movements in any cultural area. Very thankful.

Roberto Roque

Hi Guys, I am currently evaluating the FabFilter plugins and am very impressed with the thought that has been put into the interface and their sound and would like to buy the Pro Bundle, if anyone would be prepared to send me a discount code I too would be very grateful, my email is housemovingrobert@hotmail.com, thanks, Robert

Robert Miller

SENT ^. Hope you enjoy.

Jon Wymore

do you send me a mail? i dont see it yet. Thanks.

Roberto Roque

Hello there :)

I'm currently looking at buying Fabfilter Mastering Bundle or the mixing one (not decided yet).
Is it possible to have a discount code ?
Thank you :)


Hello there :)

I'm currently looking at buying Fabfilter Mastering Bundle or the mixing one (not decided yet).
Is it possible to have a discount code ?
Thank you :) My email is : guillaume.lujan@gmail.com


Sent to Paragon.

Robert Rosque you need to post your email here we cannot see it and I will send one.

Jon Wymore

ok thanks, main plugins i need are pro EQ3 and pro L2, with that two plugins i get better in this work i thing. And hope to find the money

Roberto Roque


Roberto Roque

Sent to Roberto


Hello Team!

I plan to purchase Fabfilter Mastering Bundle + FabFilter Pro-R.
The question how can I put both to one "cart"/order?
and may I ask discount code ?
Thanks! My email is : matyas.gere@gmail.com

Matyas Gere

Sent ^^

Jon Wymore

Feels silly not to respond here if the opportunity exists...

I've been hunting the FabFilter ProQ for almost a year... if a coupon code exists I'd love to finally make that purchase :)

Fellow producers, you're the best!




You got it Matt! Enjoy.

Jon Wymore

Same thing for me
I'd like to purchase the mastering bundle but no sale...and no black friday in spring...
Any coupon code ?

my email teunca50290@gmail.com


sent to teunca50290@gmail.com


Hey everyone - Looking to pull the trigger on the essentials bundle - first time using FabFilter plugins. Looking to see if anyone had a referral code they could send me to get me started. Thanks!



Sent to busko ^

Jon Wymore

Wondering if I can get a discount coupon for the ProQ3. The full price here in Brasil is almost a minimum wage worth. My email is paulohsg@gmail.com


sent to paulohsg@gmail.com


Love what I've seen from theses plugins and looking to see what discounts are available. Thank you!

Angel Garcia

Angel, leave your mail and will send you a 10% discount code.


me too please





Very impressed with the Pro L2 and Pro Q3 . Don't want to abandon them after the trial . Any coupon code available ?


sent to volodiab11@gmail.com


sent to starscreamsound@gmail.com


I really love Saturn and L2, I wish you would have a bundle for Saturn, L2 and Q2 I bought Saturn but now I'm broke. Any chance I could get a discount code for L2? markmagliocco@gmail.com

Mark Magliocco

sent to markmagliocco@gmail.com
Think it works for new customer.


Hi, FabFilter guys!

I saw a friend using your Q3 and it looks killer! If you have a coupon code I'll use it immediately. Even though I already have at least 25 EQs... LOL



I'm also hoping to find a discount for Pro-Q3. Hate to wait and hope on a Black Friday deal.


Scott Hendershot

Please, leave your email and will send you the code.


email is nospam@scotthendershot.com

Thank you.

Scott Hendershot

I gotcha if you want one.

Jon Wymore

Ahhh! I too would hugely appreciate a discount code... I've seen what Pro-Q3 can do and it's a beautiful thing, but it ain't cheap.

Anyone who can help, thank you so much! johnwarlick2@gmail.com

John Warlick

If you got another discount code ... i m in



Sent to:


Looking to buy the total bundle. Discount code? topherjamesmusic@gmail.com


sent to: topherjamesmusic@gmail.com


I would like to purchase the Mixing Bundle - can anyone help me with a discount code please? :)

Conor Doyle

I would like to purchase the Mixing Bundle - can anyone help me with a discount code please? My email address is doyle7@hotmail.com :)

Conor Doyle

Sent to: doyle7@hotmail.com


I'd like to buy the Mastering bundle or even the Total bundle, is there a discount code for this? Thanks in advance.


please, leave your email and will send you the code.



Total Bundle Discount? :)

Total Bundle Discount?

sent to: topherjamesmusic@gmail.com
applies only to new customers.


Please send me one too, thnx!


Email: thomaskrupers@gmail.com


You got it Thomas! ^

Jon Wymore

Pro Q3 demo just ended. I think that you guys created a monster EQ! Please can you snd me a coupon to buy it? Thx


please, leave your email and will send you the coupon.


Hi FabFilter!
Really looking into purchasing the Mastering bundle and the Saturn aswell, is there a discount coupon ?


Christian Muff Nielsen

Hey Christian - sent you a code! Enjoy.


Me and a few other engineers have been doing live streams on facebook and youtube of running different plugins through plugin doctor. The results are really enlightening!

It hurts me in the wallet, but Pro C-2 is REALLY hard to beat!

I would very, very much love a discount code


Hey, I'm interested in buying the Pro Q3. Does anyone have a discount coupon?
My Email: cashyo@web.de


Looking to purchase the FabFilter Mastering Bundle... Does anyone have a coupon to reduce this cost?


Joe K

Sent to Kevin and Joe K ^^^.
Hope it helps.

Jon Wymore
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