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Latest Pro-Q version - Bug Report

Just installed the latest version of Pro-Q that came out today. Small bug I found in my short time with it:

If I manually type in a frequency it quickly changes to slightly less than the frequency that was typed in. For example 8.4k turns into 8.3996k.

While obviously not a big deal from a practical working standpoint it is still a bug that has been introduced with the new Pro-Q update and I would like to see it ironed out.

Running a Mac Pro, 10.7.5, and the latest version of Reaper.



Hi Mark,

Thanks for reporting this issue! We're aware of this bug. It was introduced in the latest update, and we'll fix it in a future minor update!


Floris (FabFIlter)

Same problem on Windows 8 32bit on latest Reaper.


We're planning to release updated versions soon to fix this bug, as it's quite annoying...


Frederik (FabFilter)

This bug has been fixed in the latest updates:


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi there,

This may be common knowledge, but latency report timing is incorrect when working with Pro-Q (3) in Ableton Live 10 (latest).

It doesn't matter if Delay Compensation in Live is selected or not, there is a timing discrepancy felt across the whole project with either Delay Compensation selected or not (different incorrect results for different modes). Unsure how incorrect it is at different settings, but the timing discrepancy effect is most felt at Linear Phase - Max mode.

Now, I work actively at Zero Latency but switch to Linear Phases modes when rendering. So consistency between modes is critical.

Linear Phase - Max reports a latency of 1.5093 seconds. However, I identified the actual delay happening as 1.36242 seconds. How this discrepancy effects the set depends on whether Delay Compensation is active or not -- the drift pushes all set envelope information either way, either slower by 1.36242 or faster by 0.1469.

Oddly, the discrepancy doesn't seem to stack.


James F-B

James Brown

Hi James,

Please note that delay compensation is handled by the DAW and not by the plug-in. Our plug-ins simply have a certain latency in a certain setting. The DAW should calculate this delay and compensate appropriately.

I will look into this issue and see if I can reproduce. Would you happen to have a session which clearly shows this discripancy?

Thanks in advance.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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