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Rename Fabfilter VSTs


It's not very nice that all FF Plugs named Fabfilter....dll. Because in Cubase in the mixer i have 4 Fabfil... Plugs or more in the inserts of one Channel, and it's not possible to identify them without opening the plugin gui.

Is there a possibilety to rename the Fabfilter Plugins, for example: "Fabfilter pro-MB" to "pro-MB"?

Cheers :)

loop breaker

Halfway through this thread:


Dave Glynn mentions solving it by changing the dll names in Cubase 7. Careful if there's an update though, the installer may expect to find the dll with the original name, so I guess you should rename it back before updating.

Hope that helps!


I created the thread you are linking to and am fairly certain you can't simply rename VST3 dlls. For old VST2 you could.

There really is no point in the plugins saying FabFilter or even FF in them. If you spend this much money on plugins you aren't going to forget who made them.

Greg Houston

At least in Studio One you can rename the VST3 plugins too, as explained here:


I've done it and it works fine, I'm not familiar with Cubase but maybe there's something similar that you can do?




Greg Houston

Reading this 5 years later. Why is it still a problem that we can't tell what Fabfilter plugin is inserted because of the long name? Why don't they listen? It's a recurring annoyance with the otherwise fine FF plugins that I can't see if it's a compresser, eq or other plugin I have inserted in Studio One or Cubase ...

Tom Buur

Get a better DAW :-D Even in FL Studio we can see the full plugin name in the mixer. And in ProTools the name shortens down to Pro-Q, Pro-C or whatever.

My guess: you can't just change the name without destroying backward compatibility + it doesn't matter do most other users.

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