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Fabfilter Metering Plug-in please!!

Oh pretty please Fabfilter, please do a metering plugin.

There's so ridiculous good visual feedback in most of your products that a "Pro-ME" would blow the competition out of the water.

With your expertise and innovative minds you can't go wrong.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks, we're definitely considering it!


Frederik (FabFilter)



Yes, please! Soon, FF will take over my complete mixer page! :)


Yes +1 for meters and frequency analyser.

The is no one software metering or frequency analyst solution I am happy with at the moment.




Would be nice if it had sniffer plugs like perception. Sure it would work with buses and sidechains but sniffer plugs would be easier.
Loudness meters are for whatever reason expensive today, clearly you have a hole to fill there. Historical loudness meters should be implemented in Pro L2.
I actually like the analyzer of aireq better. That one looks like it has "dynamic resolution". your hires in the low frequencies and lowres at the high frequencies.




... it's no the wish list! :-)

Floris (FabFiter)

I hope you meant 'on the wishlist'. Cause we don't take 'no' for an answer...




Frederik (FabFilter)

I think that FF could produce a great metering plugin. What would take it to the next level is to to include features that the Waves WLM meter has like a final peak limiter. Not a limiter you want to use for sound, but as a safety net for long post-prodcution pieces. I set it -3dB or -6dB for most post-produciton projects.

The Waves version is curiously missing a dither seeing as they added a limiter to it.

Again, not a limiter you want regularly use, but just a safety net kind of thing with dither to be the last insert in a chain for post-production work.

The other great thing would be a map or read out of how long ago (or where on the DAW timeline) that peaks occur so you can easily find them and turn them down manually without having to sit and watch the meters for 1 hour while the project plays.

Justin Perkins


Bruno S.

+2, especially to Justin's last paragraph, that would be an incredibly useful feature.

A simple limiter or even just a clipper with a soft option (something like GClip) would also be a nice addition. In fact I find that, at least when mixing / mastering, if used just to shave off the occasional unruly peak here and there, clipping can sound more transparent than limiting. I don't know about post-production though... Thoughts?



This is a GREAT idea, but please add K-metering to it.

While you're at it, K-meters in ALL your plugins would be fantastic!


Just found this post looking for something like this. I would love to see this in the near future!

Spectrum analizer, loudness, dynamics, true peak, stereo soundfield and correlation all in one plugin fabfilter style.

I Sot

This would be a dream.


MY GOD, this would be perfect, why it doesnt exist yet?

Mixing Guy

The L2 does metering, but it isn’t automated. I wish there was a faster way, although I am fine using the limiter to do it.


yes pleaaaaseee!!!

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