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Saturn noise

Will Saturn ever have an option to disable the noise it generates? I love the sounds I can get out of the plugin but if you chain more than two of them the noise levels just make it unusable


Agreed. I think the Saturn sounds good but I rarely use it because of the noise it induces.

Sometimes I'll take the time to automate it out if I'm using Pro Tools. Since the Vertigo VSM-3 is out on UAD, I've been using that for multi-band distortion but would love to use Saturn more if this feature is added.

Justin Perkins

Thanks for these comment. Point taken guys!

Floris (FabFiter)


I have gotten into the habit of putting a fast gate on the channels I use Saturn on because it prevents me from exporting clean wavs that compress nicely in WinRar and WinZip. With Saturn I'm getting 10% file compression, but with the gate enabled I usually get 90%+ compression ratio.

I'd definitely love a noise disable button. :)


+1, very nice VST but it's true that it introduce a bit of noise which is not always bad.

A part this, awesome VST, use the Transient Processing patch from the video almost on all the synth percussion I design.



Also, couldn't you guys combine Saturn and Pro-MB?
Saturn already has the dynamics knob, so it can be used as a primitive multi-band compressor...
It would me kinds like Voxengo Drumformer, only much more versatile.

So much thing can be done, but what we already have is awesome :).

Speaking of Pro-MB; It's just amazing how it can clean a bus and make it at the same time, loud, punchy, less muddy and more airy, well awesome VST too.

Like said in an other thread, can't wait to see a Reverb from Fabfilter, a good one really miss to my editing/mixing arsenal.


+1 for me too.

I just discovered the preset 'The Tube' and it's unreal! Only problem is I want it on all my channels but the hiss it generates is very annoying. If there's a way to get rid of it while maintaining the same tonal integrity, I'd love an update.


I guess a better question might be, is there anybody that actually likes the Saturn noise?

I still haven't used Saturn much since purchasing it because of the constant noise that it induces.

Justin Perkins

I'm fine with it, but I don't chain several instances.


I wouldn't stack several instances either, but in mastering, the noise it adds it too much.

If and when the noise can be turned off, I think this could be a great mastering tool.

Justin Perkins

I agree. You should be able to turn off the noise floor. It's a plugin after all..


I agree the noise is an issue and stop me using the plugin as often as I would like. please solve this.

Also I would find it really useful if Saturn volcano and all of the pro range featured the same frequency and piano roll display as pro Q2.



No biggy though if you're aware of it.


Any update to this?

I've also stopped using Saturn completely because of the noise.

John Garden

We're going to do something about it in an upcoming round of updates for all plugins.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey Frederik/Fabfilter,

Will this "upcoming round of updates" include Fabfilter plug-ins in Auria?

And is it possible that we can have the same care/frequency of updates?




There will be updated plugins in the upcoming Auria Pro release.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Awesome news, looking forward to seeing what you've come up with




I hope we see the updates sooner than later. The Pro Tools problem with the option key is making me choose other EQ options over Pro-Q 2 when I need to work quickly in Pro Tools.

Next would be the annoying need to fold/unfold the Pro-L GUI in WaveLab to avoid it looking stretched or distorted.

It's something I've gotten so used to dong over the last year but it'd be nice if the GUI just always opened how it's supposed to look.

Justin Perkins

I got Saturn recently and was wondering if a solution to this has been implemented.

Linus Berglund

I used saturn 2 to see if they have updated this issue and put a new feature to remove the noise but i still hear quite a bit of noise in the plugin... has this been sorted now?


My bad saturn 2 had no noise and it's such a wicked plugin (my noise came from somewhere else in the chain...


I love Saturn 2.. Although can you please add an "Analog Noise Level" knob?? I like to use this plugin for mastering and at quiet parts of some songs the noise is unbearable. Thank You



Hi Alston,

What styles are you having noise issues with?


Ralph (FabFilter)

Just trying to confirm - Is the noise level something that can be reduced or removed in Saturn 2?


nope. messaged them about this and they were huge fucking assholes and basically told me to fuck off and that they refuse to do anything about it. they are aware of the problem and do not give a shit.


No wonder, with that attitude


@Kent: there is no way to manually control the noise level (it depends on the style and drive setting). Again, let us know which combination of style and other settings produces too much noise and we'll look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter)

In particular, I like to use the "magic mastering" preset on my stereo out - but the noise is noticeable on quieter tracks. Also especially noticeable when printing stems, each stem has a little noise which adds up to a lot of noise.


I can't find any noise in that preset when using absolute silence before it. My guess is it is making noise in the recording louder by raising the gain and the compression that's going on.


For example Preset ”Fat Parallel Processing bm” is such a sweet preset, but the noise floor makes it nearly unusable.

Other tape and saturation plugins like UAD Ampex got a switch or fader to blend the noise level in and out completely.

This should be a must have here, since the noise level ist ways too much. Even a denoiser can't kill it without unwanted artifacts.


Hi guys,

I've been looking at the presets you you mentioned, but I cannot seem to get a noise floor above -100dB. Could you maybe send a small session including the audio file to info@fabfilter.com so we can have a closer look?

Please note that the Fat Parallel Processing preset uses a fair amount of compression, which brings up a lot of the lower signals. This can also radically bring up noise from the source or any processing that is applied earlier.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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