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Pro-C, Pro-Q2, Pro-L Surround

Would love to see surround versions of Pro-C, Pro-Q2, Pro-L and (would be so awesome) Twin2. Do recording / mixing and post and would love to be able to use my fabfilter stuff on post/ surround. Use the EQ on everything now as well as Pro-C but would love to use this on my output busses as well. Any plans for this?! Please say yes! :-)


Hi Travis,

Surround support is indeed on our wish list, but we need to investigate it a bit more... a question right away:

What surround-specific features would you like to see in our plug-ins, other than the fact that it obviously support the number of channels. Special panning/balance features, etc? How would something like M/S processing work in surround?

Floris (FabFilter)

Wouldn't necessarily need MS processing. Would like to see something rival the McDSP / Waves stuff. Multichannel limiter to limit surround mixes, EQ that allows you to EQ as sounds are panned (automate through positions) - a panning plugin would be awesome too. Mostly just to get away from having to use the multi-mono setups in PT - having everything in front of you at once. Especially for compression on stems / mixes - being able to do surround multiband compression on a final mix would be great.


Hi - can I second surround support, especially for the pro-q. The EQ matching is the best in the business (to my ears anyway!) and it would be brilliant if this could be applied to all the channels on a 5.1 mix buss (i use Cubase 8). Ideally with the ability to activate which surround groups you want to apply it to. I guess mid/side would be disabled in surround mode!

The EQ matching is important to me as many of my clients already have a mastered stereo mix by the time a 5.1 audio version is on the cards for the 'special editions'.

If you could make this happen, my 5.1 world will be complete!

Bruce Soord

I work in Cubase 8 and Pro Tools 11 and would love to see some of your plug-ins as surround capable. I use all your plug-ins but it would be nice to have EQ and dynamics as surround just to be able to slap a quick EQ or compressor/limiter across a surround buss. Nothing fancy required and MS not necessary but it would be nice to select which channel is displaying a frequency graph in the case of EQ.

BTW you guys make awesome sounding software
Thanks !

Mike T

I'll third this topic! I would really love to see Pro-C2 as a surround compressor, followed in importance by Pro-L and then Pro-Q2.

I can get around using multi-mono for EQ and even a limiter to just tap every once in awhile, but it really just doesn't work for a compressor. Ideally it would have multiple detection circuits to address the fronts and rears separately. Also, it would be great if it supported every surround format that Pro Tools supports (like Iosono Anymix). I do work in weird channel configurations for theater installs and as soon as I drop a 6.1 track in all plugin options except for Avid and Anymix go away. I wouldn't even mind it being a paid upgrade for those of us that need it!

Hope to see this soon!


Also throwing my hat in for a surround version of Pro Q2. I'm often designing quad ambiences (in Reaper) and find it a bit of a pain to EQ front and rear separately.


+1 to surround version of Pro-Q2! Best EQ plug there is, and would be even better with ability to do 5.0 and 5.1 instances.

Jared Paul

Yes - absolutely. In particular the dynamics plugs (ProC2, ProL) need surround support badly, as does the Pro-R. Clearly some things like M/S processing don't really make sense in 5.1 or 7.1, but we really need this as multi-mono just doesn't make sense with multichannel dynamics processing.



Joining the chorus here. Surround versions of Pro-Q, Pro-C, Pro-L would be very helpful to me. I'm having to use other plugins in my surround mix sessions, I would rather use these. I use them in my design sessions daily and I love them.


C2 surround version yes please.

Michael Slater

A multichannel version of the C2 would be fantastic. 7.1 and 7.1.2 are getting more a standard in my mixing sessions.

Danny van Spreuwel
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