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I know it's been discussed, but I think FabFilter could make a great metering plugin. The FF plugins that already exist have some of the best metering already, and I think the FabFilter plugins have the best overall look of all plugins.

I realized that I use a variety of meters for different tasks but I think FF could do it all in just one nice plugin. Here is what the meter needs in my opinion:

-Loudness Units (integrated short and long term that the user can define what is short and long term)
-RMS (like the Dorrough meters)
-realtime waveform scroll (like Pro-L)
-Intersample Peak/True Peak detection on/off
-Bit-Meter (See Wavelab 8.5 or Ozone 6)
-Frequency analyzer (like Pro-Q2) that can be hidden if needed
-Dynamic Range meter (see Brainworx BX Meter)

-Max Peak level needs to have an option to reset with the DAW transport, something overlooked in most meters besides TC LM2n. TC LM2n gets used a lot of me in audio post because it can reset when the transport stops and starts.

A safety net hard peak limiter ceiling like Waves WLM Plus. I usually set it to -3dBFS when I do post audio work. I don't rely on it for sound but it can catch a stray or random peak on long video pieces that are a rush job (no time to check every second o of the piece). It's a nice safety net and seems to be different than settings a normal limiter output ceiling all the way to -3.0dBFS.

Dither with auto blanking. I like the optimized and weighted dither options in Pro-L but I also like the auto-blanking you find in the Goodhertz and iZotope dither.

A way to display a log of overs on a given playback or render so you can go find the problem peaks quick and easy.

Finally, the ability to make the GUI big like iZotope Insight.

This would be my dream meter. I'm sure I'll think of a few other small things as well.

Justin Perkins

Hi Justin,

A metering plug-in is certainly on our wish list.... but so are many other things ;-) Thanks for the suggestions though! We'll surely keep these in mind!

Floris (FabFilter)

Thanks for the consideration. I know that FF gets a lot of requests for different plugins (e.g.: reverb) but I was thinking since many of the things I mentioned already exist in your plugins that it might simplify the development.

It would be nice to use just ONE meter for everything instead of a few different meter plugins.

When I was imagining this meter, FF came to mind because of how great your plugins always look. I think a FF meter would be very pleasant to look at.

Justin Perkins



I should note that the hard peak limiter should be something that can be disabled.

Sometimes you just want a meter, sometimes you want a meter with a peak limiter incase you miss a stray dialogue peak on a long post-production project.

Justin Perkins

Now how about integrating all Pro-plug-ins I already own into the meter?

If a customer buys just the meter, that's all they get. If They own the full set (I do), They get tabs for Pro-Q (pre and post), Pro-C, Pro-MB, Pro-L, etc.

With the metering of the single plug-ins fully integrated, the metering side could even make suggestions for EQ, compression and limiting based on the analysis.

And you'd only have to oversample once, process everything in one plug-in and downsample it at the end...


We need online and offline re-level feature for ITU 1770 1-2-3, Kmeter v2, EBU r68 and SMTPE 155 rp.

Enrique Silveti

I'd like to see something like Voxengo SPAN from FabFilter. SPAN is basically the only plugin I use on the regular that is not made by Fabfilter. Seems like just combining Pro-Q's FFT and Pro-L's peak/rms meters and a few other features and your pretty much there.




Would love to see this too. You guys make the most amazing visualisation for audio editing - can barely imagine how a FabMeter plugin might look like.

Cheers Romano

Romano Licker
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