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I'm having this problem for sometime. When I use Frequency grab feature on PRO EQ 2, It crashes and when I try to restart the same session ..LOGIC won't load the session instead showing me error message. I can't seem to solve the problem. I have already sent error message to your support team. Hoping to hear back soon.



Any news?


We'll work this out using the crash report you sent.


Frederik (FabFilter)

hey buddy, did you manage to fix this? how did they help? i'm experiencing the same shit today and i have to send my finish track by tonight (i'm freaking out a little bit...)


Hi Sebastian,

The issue above has already been resolved 5 years ago. However, could it be that you're using iLok protected plug-ins (e.g. Sound Toys, Slate)?

Due to a bug in the current PACE protection framework, iLok protected plug-ins can sometimes accidentally overwrite the memory of other plug-ins, like ours, which can cause these crashes.

Quoting PACE: "This behavior has been reviewed, is understood, and a solution made available to software publishers. They will need to release a version of their product that incorporates the use of the latest version of our technology. This will be required in order to resolve this crashing behavior."

SoundToys has already released a new update (5.3.3) that gets rid of this issue with their plug-ins. We are still waiting for other manufacturers to incorporate the fix. If you use Soundtoys we suggest you download their latest update from their website.

Another workaround for this issue is to first launch Logic using an empty project. When Logic is completely launched you should be able to open your session again.

Sometimes this workaround does not solve it completely. In this case, when Logic is launched with an empty session, create a track and insert Pro-L 2 into a slot. Then you can try to load your session again.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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