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Twin 2 free community patches

I would love to see a community effort to upload useful and quality patches, or presets for the twin 2. I know that a lot of people are not willing because it might be "their" sound that they came up with, but I know me, and a lot of others realize that if I gave my presets away, they would more than likely be tweaked in enough ways that it would probably sound different by the time it was reused.

I'm not sure where the best place to put these patches, maybe they could be linked to personal google drive accounts, or someone with the skills and capacitty could set up a host somewhere to house these. I'm actually not sure how to make this effort happen at all, I just know it would be great. So, if you have any ideas on how to make this come to life, please leave suggestions.

Ultimately, I've very new to the Twin 2, and have just now started messing with creating my own patches. I find the factory presets to be a little unusable for my taste. Really what I'm after are great sounding synth basses, fat, round, some dirty, and also old school West Coast 90's "Dre" synth sounds, this "Murder was the Case", and "Nuthin but a G Thing". These have to be super easy, so maybe I'll figure them out. But either way, a large collection of free preset patches would be amazing, and would only go to promote the awesomeness of Fabfilter and the Fabfilter user base.

Ma Ja

Hi Ma Ja,

Interesting idea indeed! At the moment, there's no official FabFilter place where people can share presets, but we'll think about it!

Floris (FabFilter)

Would be a great thing. I love all the plugins, but like I said, I don't really like any of the presets on the Twin 2. I've made only a couple of patches and like them, so I know it's a great tool, but I just haven't dove that deep yet. Once I do, I'd love to share them with like minded people that would prefer sounds that are more organic and natural sounding, and classic tones like the aforementioned ones. I'm just not into edm or "electronic" sounding synths, but I know the Twin 2 is a beast and has potential for me. So please, community patches for all. If you all host it, you could totally boast the fact that you have a community of users that will benefit all new comers, and it would be yet another reason why Fabfilter remains the best.

Ma Ja

One more idea. If you do create a hosting forum for these patches, it would be great to allow for patches to be under specific users accounts, and that way we don't just have a billion patches to go through. I'm sure there would be a handful of people that I would be in to, and the same for other people- they would be in to someone completely different, so keeping it separated by user names would make things really nice, plus it would credit those that are creating value for your products.

Also, it would be nice if even when they are separated, each patch could also be found under a category section.

Ma Ja

That would be great indeed.

Valhalla DSP does something similar in the kvr forums and it works great. So much inspiration..

And it works perfect for those plugins because you just have to post text lines in the forum and load the presets via copy and past. So no file upload or download.


I have all of the fabfilter plugins and love Twin 2, but use it the least because the presets are so limited. Would greatly improve the product if you would set up a preset sharing area, the best of which would hopefully be added to the existing presets in a future version. I'm surprised Fabfilter hasn't done this already. Setting it up on KVR would cost them nothing and give them a big user base that could get them new costumers (especially if patches were posted with MP3s so you could hear the sound before downloading). Could be great!

Kreig Valsmith

We'll look into it! :-)


Frederik (FabFilter)

I made a bunch (68) of free Twin 2 presets. Figured I'd share for anyone who stumbles on this in the future. I think you just need to drop these into the same folder that already holds the rest of your factory presets for this virtual instrument.


Beaker Andy

good idea


Fabfilter needs a preset exchange section for all their plugins!


This would be great!


I still use Twin2 all the time. I've slowly expanded the free presets ZIP I posted earlier in this thread to now include 122 separate custom patches spanning arps, basses, FX, leads, pads, plucks, etc. Enjoy: drive.google.com/file/d/1BVdUieGuI5LWY1s41y7gjomd_WRKSQ9e/view?usp=sharing

Beaker Andy

Thanks a lot Beaker Andy!

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