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Logic x crashes upon loading sessions containing Fab Filter Plug ins...

When I work in a session with several fab filter plugins, it will work perfectly but when I try to reopen the same session, it ofter crashes and gives me an error message saying, the session couldnt be opened because of the fab filter plug in in question...

this happens with most of the plugins. Pro Q2, Pro C2, Pro DS, Pro G...

Very annoying as I normally need to open Logic without a session, then disable the plug in in the plug in manager and then reload the session, then re enable the same plug in.

What a pain!!!


We haven't heard of this problem before; can you send a crash log to us by email (use the contact link at the bottom of this page)?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I get the same error message as mentionner 2 years ago by "FR"

I will send the error message to you.


This happened for me every so often but this week it's occurring on a daily basis. Was a solution found?


I have same problem :/
Any solution found? Really anoying :/



We did find a problem that looked like a bug in Logic that could cause a crash like this, and we've added a workaround in our plug-ins so it doesn't trigger that crash anymore. The latest plug-in versions have this fix: www.fabfilter.com/download


Frederik Slijkerman
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