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In Cubase 8.5: Fabfilter Plugins Names unreadable...

Hi, i wan't to by more Fabfilter Plugins so i m trying the Demos in Cubase 8.5. With one Fabfilter Plugin in Cubase 8.5 it's no problem,
but if you have many different Fabfilter Plugins in use, in the Cubase Mixer, mostly, you can't read the plugin names, because:

For example:

are shown in the Cubase-Mixer:

this don't make much fun, because you have to do a great horizontally zoom in the mixer that you can read the Plugin Names correctly:
Fabfilter ProC
and if it's just one letter that is not shown:
Fabfilter Pro..
So this could be: ProC, ProL, ProQ, ProMB, ProDS...

Fabfilter plugins are extremely awesome, but the Plugins Names are extremely uncomfortable in Cubase 8.5.

So i hope Fabfilter will change the Plugin Names, so that they are readable in Cubase (i know wich Plugins are made by FabFilter), within an coming update...

Does anybody have a solution for my Problem? (can i easily rename the "VST3 Plugin DLL's" from Fabfilter after installing and updating...)

Best Regards

Loop Breaker

We know about this issue but unfortunately we can't just rename the plugins in an update because this might hurt backwards compatibility.

I think the best solution would be for host makers to abbreviate the plugin names intelligently if there's no space for the entire name. For example Pro Tools does this very well.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thank you!!!

I'll post it in the german Cubase forum here:


Loop Breaker

and started a Feature Request in the Cubase forum, here:

Loop Breaker
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