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Fabfilter and NI Komplete Kontrol (NKS support)

Hi there,

I'm in the market for a new midi keyboard and am considering the NI Komplete Kontrol series.
I was wondering, does anyone know if for example Fabfilter One or Twin would have some of their key parameters automatically mapped to the controller?

I'm assuming that I can also just map the parameters that I want and store a preset which I can recall whenever needed but was wondering if there is a sort of NKS integration with Fabfilter plugins.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Akazi,

Not at the moment but we're looking into it.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Got it. Thanks for the fast feedback, Frederik!


any news?


We decided not to pursue NKS integration for now.


Frederik (FabFilter)

That's a shame, I feel they would work together beautifully :)


Shame, same here. even waves is inks comp. at the moment. i miss my Fabfiler Pro Q2 :(


Hi, will you mixing bundle be NKS compatible any time soon? (so that they work with Native Instruments Complete Control)
Thank thy,

Stephen Jones

I'd also LOVE the NKS compatibility for FabFilter plugins!

(wink wink, nudge nudge!)

Rok Sivante

... since effect plug-ins are now supported, we'll look into this again!

Floris (FabFilter)

i love fabfilter! keep it up guys. i sold plugins only to replace them with yours


+1 from me!!!



you can create a user-preset and map the controllers as you like.



I just got my Fabfilter Total Bundle and would love to have this bundle with NKS Support in the near future. Peace :)


I too would love to see FABFILTER / NKS supported. I'm going all in on NI gear, and would prefer fabfilter to waves, from the demos alone.


Any news about NKS support?


The problem with NKS is that if we integrate it, there is a legal requirement from NI that they must validate our plug-ins before we can release them. We don't want to make our release schedule dependent on NI because this would essentially let them have a veto on when we can release a new plug-in or update. We've voiced our concerns but they didn't want to change their terms, so that's where we are.

Apart from that, we could definitely integrate it into our plug-ins.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi there!
Is the situation still the same with NKS support?
Would it perhaps be possible, to do NKS as an point upgrade? So you can release the software, and then when after it has been released, send in the version with NKS support to Native. That way you would keep control over the launch date of the Major version, but that point upgrade with NKS, will come later. Sure it would be a workaround, and it seems Native if the terms are still the same, are over complicating the procedure, and they don't benefit from it, if makers end up skipping on including NKS support for that reason.

Best regards!

Jon (Swe)

Hi there!
Any news on this topic?


Just adding to the list of folks that would appreciate the NKS support. The keyboard could serves as a poor man's console.


Another vote for NKS support. I really feel NKS is cutting-edge just like your plug-ins. Come on boys and girls of Fab; get you and NI’s lawyers together and hash out a mofo deal!


Please :)

Forrest Gore

Yes, please! :-)
Can you give us any information?


Hi FabFilter team,

As I understand a native NKS support is a kind of closed topic.

There's a workaround for 3rd party plugins & VSTis, an ability to save user presets with custom mappings in the Komplete Kontrol software. The idea is to save the default user preset for Pro-C, for example, with mapped knobs I need and call it a day.

The issue is that for all FabFilter plugins EXCEPT Saturn 2 this "Save As" option is greyed out and I can't save a preset.

I found from lurking NI forums that this indicates a some sort of VST2 preset format issue, more info on it here: www.native-instruments.com/forum/threads/why-cant-i-save-nks.358793/#post-1810725

So my question to FabFilter team is, if NKS support is off the table, then could you please look into making it possible to save user presets inside the Komplete Kontrol? As Saturn 2 indicates this is possible.

Best Regards,


So, any thoughts on Komplete Kontrol "Save As" support for the older plugins?


So, are there any news on this topic?

Timo Meier
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