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OTT in Pro-MB

Can anybody create a preset that closely emulates the popular OTT upwards/downwards compressor using only Pro-MB?


Did you ever find this answer? I want to know! I can't figure it out. OTT sounds so good.


I tried but sadly I couldn't figure it out. Did you just post on the Reddit thread?


OTT has both upward and downward compression going on in the three different bands at the same time. Two instances of Pro-MB somehow in parallel would replicate. But, one after the other in series would be easier in most DAWs. Downward compression first would lower the peaks, then upward compression after would raise the valleys. As long as the thresholds for downward and upward do not overlap, it should work. I am wondering if the presets EDM #1, #2, and #3, included in the standard presets, had this in mind. Steve Duda says this on Reddit about OTT: "The main part of the sound is the upward compression (and the tough part to reproduce with a typical compressor) is applying (up to 36 dB but not more) of gain to a quiet (below threshold) signal. this brings up quiet detail (usually high frequencies otherwise unheard)... while also providing the typical multiband compression duty of "ironing" (consistent lows/mids/highs)."

Lars Lentz

Some smart fabfilter guy MUST have an easy answer or even better - preset - for this..


I asked the same question last month, and only got this as a reply so far.



Yeah, i saw that.. strange.. every question gets answered within 24 hours by a fabguy, but this one here.. well..


Why not use Xfer's OTT?

Glenn Broersma

Thanks Tom

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