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Twin 2 in Auria Pro enhancements...

I suppose there's more people like me that wishes more factory presets to Twin 2 from the Fabfilter crew...

In the desktop version there's 1600 patches, and, some of them are fantastic!

But, Twin 2 in Auria Pro just deliver around 100 of them as IAP... Wish that Fabfilter could give us the opportunities to buy more more in future...

Meanwhile, today I downloaded the demo version of Twin 2 into Logic Pro X into my Mac and browse thru the amazing collections of presets...

As an test I copy every parameter of a nice patch from my Mac into a clean patch to my iPad Pro 12.9" to test out if I could "copy" the exact sound from the desktop version into Twin 2 in Auria Pro...

And, yes, I succeeded to get the same sound!

But, it's very fiddly to input the very same value into every screen elements (I use the Apple Pencil)...

Onto the desktop version there's an option to double click on certain element and put in values from the keyboard...

I really wish that this option can be addad to the Auria-version of Twin 2...

And, yes, I LOVE Twin 2!


Good to hear that you like Twin in Auria and thanks for the reminder to create more presets packs. We're soon going to update our plugins for Auria, include Pro-R, and will also look into more Twin 2 preset packs.

And yes, the Auria version of Twin 2 can produce all sounds that the desktop version can (although it's more limited by available CPU power).


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey Frederik,

Is/will it be possible to also let us know what plugins were updated and in what way? Do you have a specific iOS area we could go to for iOS related stuff. If not, might be nice. Or as a side note to the main update logs etc..

Yes can't say enough about more presets for Twin2, there like new synths, in a way.

Looking forward to Pro-R the most right now. But please in the future when you develop new plugins, can you please release both/all versions at the same time. :p I'll test for you if needs be.
Or just develop iOS before others! (Just kidding folks) - or am I?
The wait is crazy. I did have a look at it in the PC, but only half hearted, as I know I won't be using it on that platform any time soon. Plus using the mouse for me is not the same feel at all. Touch all the way - for me. ;)

Good Times!



We can't update them all at the same time because for Auria, we're dependent on WaveMachine Labs and also the App Store approval process.

Our plan are is to add Pro-R, new preset packs for Twin 2, and also include all fixes in the updates that we released since the last Auria versions:

Note that not all items in these news items would apply to Auria.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks Frederik for an answer and response...

But, the headquestion got unanswered ;-)

Can it be possible in the future to have the same option as the desktop plugs/synths that, if you doubleclick on an screen element you've got an option to put in an exact value thru your onboard (or external) keyboard onto the iPad?

As it is now, it's really fiddly to put in an exact value...

There's certainly guys out there who's got Twin 2 in both the desktop system and in theirs mobile system (Auria Pro)...

If you come up with an eminent catchy patch onto your computer there's no possibility to save that and load it into Auria Pro (yeah, we understand the One & Twin 2 business model...) therefore it would be nice to copy it by hand with keyboard input into Auria Pro...

Have I make myself clear... ;-)

Best wishes and happy christmas from Sweden!



Cheers for the links etc..

"We can't update them all at the same time because for Auria, we're dependent on WaveMachine Labs and also the App Store approval process."

Yep I know, I wasn't talking about updates though, i know Fabfilter and Auria will be/are out of sync 90% of the time, (no problem there) I was referring to New plugins.. ;)

We on iOS are still waiting, while others have it all already hehe.
We needs this > (Pro R). January is cool
, got used to the idea, but you must know how much a/the Fabfilter reverb is an essential part of our/my tools. It's a sort of completeness..

Yes! The double tap for qwerty input would be great for all the plugins.

Keep up the good work and you can have - 'This' - weekend off! Lol




* Versions meaning iOS, PC etc..


Is there any chance you guys are working on releasesing more preset packs for One and Twin 2 on Auria in the near future?
I’ve owned Auria for a couple of years but recently bought a bunch of your content on there and am thoroughly impressed by the quality and excited to hear of any further development of your products on the iOS platform.

Rue Smith

Hi Rue,

Great to hear that you enjoy our iOS products! We don't have any new preset packs in planning at the moment, but we could of course create more. Which kind of presets do you have in mind, what are you missing?


Frederik (FabFilter)
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