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Major Pro-Q2 Issue in Studio One


When I rotate the frequency knob it suddenly jumps all the way to 30khz or 20hz, I've hade this a long time. It's very frustrating!

I use Studio One. I tested Pro-Q2 in Logic and there was no bug.


And it also does the same thing on the gain knob, which can be very dangerous :(


Also happens on Pro-MB.


And Pro-C.


Hey Daniel,

Try pressing in the center of the knobs and not close to the edges, this way you only use up/down moves and not rotational.

I think someone once asked Fabfilter to disable this mode, and I too think that this should be considered.
Happened to me quite a few times, that a band went +30 dB, and that hurt.




If you press on the white part of the knobs than this happens.
Try avoiding it =\


I am also of the opinion you should be able to set knobs to either/or control type. Having both in one knob seems convenient on paper, but in use, it messes me up all the time. I'm totally used to FabFilter plugins, but I still have this happen to me often where the knobs jumps around because I grabbed it in the wrong location.


It's happened to me too a few times. I'd like it either selectable as Kip suggests or even get rid of rotational mode entirely, I don't think I've ever used it on purpose.



Thanks for the feedback, we'll reconsider this!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks Frederik !

I'm sure many others will be satisfied :}




It happens even when I press in the center of the knob, and also happens when I drag the frequency point, completely random. And dangerous! :(

Frederik: I'm 100% certain that this is the same bug Ableton users also had before, and I've always had it in Studio One. Hope you guys can figure something out. Thanks for the replies. FabFilter hands down best plug-in developer!



I see.. well this is very odd indeed =\

Hope it will be solved


Hey , I've been having the same issue with the values jumping like crazy. I already contacted presonus about it. I dont have fab filter and it happens to me very often so I dont think is a fab filter plugin issue. Has to do more with studio one directly. One thing it could be the type of mouse you are using. If your mouse go " sleep mode". after couple seconds while pressing left click , or if you using the shift key while dragging parameters it would happen too. I changed my mouse and was not happening at all anymore until today that I reconnected my old mouse. But lets wait to see what presonus have to say about this.


Guys, can you email us a complete report on how to reproduce this issue in Studio One including all hardware info?

I use S1 on Windows all the time myself and haven't seen the issue once.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hi. I have tried a lot, but everything works fine for me. Also with the shift key, where the value is moving slow. I'm not able to reproduse this error. I'm using windows 10 64-bit, and the 64-bit versions of the plugin and Studio one Pro.


Using Studio One 3.3.4 on OSX 10.10.5, with the latest FF updates.

In both Pro C 2 and Pro Q 2, the value of what I'm changing will suddenly jump to 0 or max while I'm using it, for ex. (but not limited to) the Dry level knob on Pro C 2 or the Frequency when I'm using headphone solo in Pro Q 2). When it's a gain knob it blows out your ears, so unfortunately I've pretty much had to stop using fabfilter plugins. It's the same whether I use the AU or VST3 version. Also of note is I've used for years (and currently still use) Pro C 2/Pro Q 2 in Ableton without running into this issue.

Hope that helps and this can be fixed soon.


A little more info:

From what I can tell it's not related to how I'm using the control or even the type of control - just sometimes when I start changing the value of something it'll jump to the maximum. For example I get this bug on the knee slider in Pro C 2.


Nevermind, this seems to be a studio one issue.



I'm having this issue too. I'm in Studio One Pro 3 on Mac El Capitan. However, this also happens in the MeldaProduction EQ so I'm interested in Studio One's response if you have a link?



I stopped using FabFilter plugins when I work with others because I don't want to make them deaf.. FabFilter are my main plugins and it really sucks that this problem exists in every single plugin.

I use Studio One. When I tried Logic to test this issue, it didn't happen (tried it once before starting this thread).

Now I tested again in Logic, and Pro Tools, and I still have the problem. I'm on a MacBook Pro 2015 15" Retina 2,2ghz 16gb RAM.

To describe it again:

When I grab any parameter, it tends to suddenly jump to full rate or zero rate. I tried the laptop touch bar and several USB mouses. Happens on all FabFilter plugins.

Please FabFilter, help us!!



I tested in Logic and Pro Tools and I still have the problem in Studio One. FabFilter plugins behave normally in Logic and PT*.

This seems to be a Studio One issue. Please help!!


this is an issue that has to do more with the type of mouse you are using and your Mac . it happens a lot to me with ny plugin. not too much but once in a while parameters jump like crazy from 0 to max. Ozone plugs, waves plugs, fab filter, studio one plugs. Is not the plugins , the bug exist in the Mac.


Yeah, I get the issue in Alloy 2 as well. It's also any parameter.. gain, knee, center frequency, anything. If anyone gets a response from Presonus please share! I can't seem to find any info on this.


I also get this issue! Deal breaker for sure for using S1/Fabfilter together. I know at least one other S1 user who gets this as well.


Hi Andy,

Please e-mail Presonus about this as well; we cannot seems to reproduce this bug at the office here, and it seems to affect only a small group of users, but it also seems to happen with various different third-party plug-ins, not only FabFilter plug-ins.

Floris (FabFilter)

@Andy, please mail PreSonus, we have to get this fixed ASAP. Mixes are not the same without FF plug-ins


Hi all. Did anyone get a fix for this. It happens to me on a mac , el capitan, Studio One 4


I have had the same problem for years, three different computers!
It only happens in Studio one though. Im on Mac.
Just updated to Studio One 4 and was hoping for it to be solved but nooooo.

I have emailed Presonus about it, but since me and others kind of stop using your plugins, wouldnt it be a good idea for you two companies to talk with each other and solve this together instead of us just leaving it to us handing in complaining reports.

I love your products and would very much like to continue using them.

Thank you for your time.


Is there anyone with a solution? I’m still having this problem.


I'm still having this problem with pro-C2, pro-MB and pro-Q2. It happens with the knee parameters(slider type) of the related plug-ins also. So it is not a knob rotation control issue, It is obviously a bug. Please fix it immediately. It's very dangerous while tweaking the gain parameters. Gain suddenly jumps to 30dB and it can easily damage your ear and speakers. I mute the audio and adjust the gain parameters of fabfilter plug-ins to avoid it but it's a waste of time. It's not a big deal when it happens with other parameters like frequency, Q or knee etc. but it's very dangerous and annoying when it happens with the gain parameter.


Hi first im not good at english pls understand haha
this thing happen to me long time
i finally found the reason.
its because of Studio One latency problem!
if u check on the 'ignore plugin latency' then u can see they don't jump anymore. i've send mail to Presonus but they don't listen!
this problem is not fabfilter's problem
if they don't fix it. im gonna change my DAW to ableton live.


It looks like this bug occurs when there is a very short autosave. It may not be so. We need to test this more. I had one minus autosave, because studio one constantly crashes and sometimes behaves extremely unstable. I don’t know what it’s connected with. I'm going to change the RAM on this, maybe this will help.


I am having the exact same issues! Is there someone who knows what to do? Super dangerous when the gain knob suddenly gets increased by 30 db...

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