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edit control surface mapping on PROQ2

Hi there

I'm trying to change the mapping of the proq2, that is absolutely not practicle on an artist mix. I tried to edit the DigiPageTable.xml included in the plugin file (like I already did with other plugins), but each time I make a changing, the plugin doesn't work anymore in protools (protools lauchs correctly, but when I want to assign an asset of proq2 it says that AAE error -7054 was encountered).
Is there a possibility to edit this XML file, with some magical receipe ?

tx by advance



Unfortunately you can't edit the page table manually, because the plugin needs to be digitally signed for Pro Tools to accept it.

We spend quite a lot of effort to improve the mappings in the latest (2.11) version of Pro-Q 2. Are you using this version? If so, can you explain to us what's impractical about the current mappings?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I see... I guess that's the reason why maggot software externalized the XML file in the last version of spanner, in order to make the user choose between different mapping or create a custom one. Would it be a chance that you do the same method in the future ?

in the actual mapping on artist mix (2.11), it's very strange, the band are kind of pairy exchanged (B2 then B1 then B4 then B2), and it's not possible to have all the parameters of a regular post production EQ (5 bands + 2 filters) on a single page with a 16 faders setting. There are some parameters that I don't care at all controlling with the mouse, like the shape (I set it up in the beginning of the mix and don't change it most of the time). My best mapping would be to have on the first page the B1 frequency, the B1 slope (cause B1 is my HI pass filter), the the B2 frequency with the Q on sel button, the B2 gain with Q on sel button, then the same with B3 & B4. On the second page, the B5, B6 and B7 (with the same F+Q and G+Q), then the B8 frequency then slope (as a low pass filter). But that's how I would like it, not sure it would fit to the others... but making my own XML would be perfect actually !


Thanks for the explanation! We'll look into improving the mapping further in a future update. Right now it has been optimized for the S6 but it looks like it became sub-optimal for other surfaces.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I just tried using the latest version of EQ3 with Eucon
It is mapped very well when used as a default EQ!

I was wondering, is there a way to use a keyboard modifier to change the Q of the band? It looks like using command goes on trim mode and option goes back to the default setting. Could maybe control be used on the gain knob to add Q?


Hi Fernando,

I don't have a controller in front of me, but in the plug-in you change the Q when holding the command key. I think this should work with a controller as well.


Ralph (FabFilter)
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