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Surround sound


I've been using your plugins for a few years now. Absolutely fantastic I think.

Anyway, surround is something that I could really do with from the plugins. I see forum posts from 2015 saying it's coming but now in 2017 how likely are we to see?

I use Pro-L, Pro-C and Pro-Q and would definitely be purchasing Pro-R if surround sound support came along!

Also, a simple surround panner that has the ability to ignore certain channels (e.g. When I'm doing music I hate using the C channel for instruments with a wide frequency range where as for film it's needed for dialogue) would be amazing. Call is Pro-P or Pro-Pan.

Many thanks, Dave

David Jones

Adding another voice to this topic. Also working in surround (almost daily) and love my FabFilter plugs... but they aren't getting loaded as much when working in multichannel format.

Also... trying to find out with plugins support surround, and which don't... not very clear. Any updated information about which support, and which are planned to support multichannel in future?

Joseph Miller

Been asking for surround capable R2 since it came out - doesn't seem like there's been any movement on this - too bad as it's a lovely reverb, but without surround support just can't make it a regular part of the workflow.

Not optimistic, but fingers crossed...

Rich Breen

We are hearing you!


Frederik (FabFilter)

I'd like to add Pro-MB for multichannel support as well. Also Timeless...ohhh think of the possibilities. There also aren't too many surround delays on the market.

Alexander E.
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