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Love your products but your way of authorizing keeps me from using them. I hop from studio to studio on a frequent basis and would like bring all my plugins. So with Fabfilter plugins i'm stuck with a tedious de-authorizing and authorizing process. Why don't you support ilok?


To be honest, we're not a fan of iLok with its cumbersome and error-prone installation process and we'd like to avoid to tie ourselves to PACE. That being said, we certainly recognize that in your situation a system like iLok has its advantages and we'll investigate to see if we can come up with a similar way to have a portable license.


Frederik (FabFilter)

FWIW, I think you're being very smart about this, Frederik.

Honestly, the business model you have surpasses everyone else in the industry. You make it quick, user friendly, and very solid (technically).

Never change. Never sell-out. Never chain yourself to partnerships that could potentially erode your control over your processes over time.




As a professional mix engineer, i only use plugins with ilok support. please consider it, i think you are loosing a lot of potential consumers (as me)


As a happy owner of the FX Bundle I only use plugins without ilok. Please keep your current copy protection (or use something less painful than ilok) and you'll definitely keep me as a happy customer :-)


I would much rather you avoid the use of iLok. Its archaic, not entirely stable, and not nearly as secure as one thinks.

Keep the current copy protection, however I would like to see you incorporate a way for those users above that want to be able to use their software in a variety of studios/PCs etc.

That said that is no reason to go iLok. I am sure you guys can come up with a clever alternative.

Billy Procell

I don't get it,

It takes 30 seconds to get your 'Combined License' off the site, and another 10 seconds to De-authorize at the end.

Isn't it clever enough?


Actually I have never done it, so I am not complaining.
I didn't realize it was that easy, and quick to do currently.

Does seem rather quick, and I guess clever if it is actually that quick.

Billy Procell

I've done it quite a few times and it works perfectly.

I was referring to those who asked for it. anyway :}



Can there simply not be an option for iLok just to keep all consumers happy? I am a professional who also believes it would be beneficial to have my licence in an iLok so that I can move from device to device despite internet connection status. I would just like the option to transfer the licenses to my iLok rather than just my computer. It is also way more secure especially for something I've invested in to be professional when I know I work in different studios (for music and audio post production).


I would also commit if ilok were an option. Working as a professional in the post production environment having an ilok is essential between departments and studios. Also you can have multiple authorization methods. My izotope software let's me authorize through my ilok or directly to my home computer. You also may want to consider an ilok cloud method as well. The pros in the post industry all move around with an ilok.


I'll say this first. NuGen nailed it this year. Buy their software with the normal, OE copy protection and live your life. However, if like some of the responders here (myself included) you make your money as a pro engineer, you can request a one time switch to convert the plugin license to iLok for free. Simples. Everyone's happy! The masses are delighted and the pros get to keep moving. The fervent, anti-iLok enthusiasts should try and understand that there's simply no other efficient way for a working pro to take their tools from studio to studio. It'd be fine if you only used Fabfilter - or Steven Slate, or Solid State Logic... But we don't.

Here's how it works. you have a 128/256GB flash drive with all your essential, iLok only software set ups and one iLok 3 key. It's that easy. You don't even need to go online. It's about being prepared for whatever the client isn't prepared for. Can you imagine trying to use multiple, different, internet-based and hard-drive dependent methods, involving emails, registration apps, native access and all manner of other f*ckery to register multiple (100's of?) different plugins whilst sitting in a completely foreign studio, surrounded by expectant faces? I can't. That's why I live and die by iLok. Fabfilter is literally some of the very best software out there and I believe that an option like NuGen have would be the perfect solution that'd not only keep present customers happy, but it would also attract high volume, working pros to this great company. Cheers!


I would like to see iLok support as well. Or any other way to put the license on a generic thumb drive like Waves and PluginAlliance offer.


I mostly work at postproduction studio with 12 mixing rooms of different size. There are about 20 multi-user computers with server based storage and user accounts, 5 of them can be connected to any of 6 mixing rooms. All computers are isolated from users and internet, because of media security organisation. Most clients travel from room to room often changing computers and user accounts. In such conditions I and many other clients in most cases won’t consider software without iLok athorization method, because it is fast convenient and rock-solid. I understand that iLok is not a remedy. But most of HQ postpro software is iLok based, and it is very handy to have all your licenses inside one stick. There is another thing: keeping text based (copy-paste) authorisation method away from stealing could also be complicated.

Thanks God PRO-L2 is the only 7.1.2 bus limiter suitable for Pro Tools based postpro needs and I had to try it in my workflow. I am happy to know that it is one of the best limiter on the market. I am very impressed by it’s sound and quality. This is really limitless limiter! Great thanks to the creators of that product.

So I am another guy, who will be happy to keep fabfilter license on ilok;)


Just want to say that I am pleased that FabFilter does not use iLok, and I hope they continue to follow their instincts regarding this.

In fact, I refuse to use any plugins tied to iLok. Making it known that people like myself do exist.


Uncle Freddie

You can offer both; izotope does. It's not mutually exclusive.

But I will say I bought fabfilter today and regret doing so due to lack of iLOK support; I don't think to check before clicking purchase since I haven't seen a professional audio app that didn't support iLOK in a decade.

As a freelance employee who works in multiple studios in multiple systems, a passkey in my email is just outside the scope or useful. Hell at this point most MPAA facilities have workstations locked out of internet use- so I can't even access the email with the license so I have to save a text file somewhere to carry it with me or pull it up on my phone and type it out...

Anyway- just a note I don't plan to spend any more on fab products unless you want to offer ilok license support.


Vince Tennant

iLok +1 absolutely.
Super inconvinient without iLok in complex workflows.
Changing studios, get from mix to edit, from edit to notebook for some small edits - having no internet always on all the machines...
No iLok might be ok for project studios, where the mixer seldom goes from room to room. In the pro world it happens all the time.
Alternative: make all studios buy fabfilter for all theyr systems :)
My 2ct..

Markus Krohn

I absolutely love your FabFilter R reverb plugin... BUT I am yet another that needs ilok support.

I was about to pull out the wallet and purchase, but I need ilok support, so I have to keep shopping for reverbs instead.

Please let me know once you guys have got it working with ilok and I will buy it that day!


ALSO.... make a delay!!!

If you guys had ilok support and a reverb / delay bundle. I would buy it IMMEDIATELY.


You know there already is Timeless, right?


You've really got to offer iLok support or something comparable. It's simply unprofessional and a security nightmare for studios to leave their mix systems on the internet these days, and it's also standard procedure for me to move from facility to facility throughout the week, even on a single day. There needs to be a simple means of bringing FabFilter licenses along. If you detest iLok, then just put out your own physical license key or create a means of using any USB memory stick to do the job.


We are looking into making it possible to have a portable license on an USB stick.

Note that you don't have to be connected to the internet to license our plug-ins: you can simply put your license key on a USB stick, and copy/paste it when you start using the plugins. When you're done, click Help > Deauthorize in any of the plugins to remove the license key from the system.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Please, no ilok! It´s the PLAGUE!


Since I travel to different studios every day, I have to use iLok. That said, my Waves plugins are on a USB stick, since they don't support iLok. This is a great solution for companies that don't want to tie themselves to iLok. Would love for Fabfilter to add that functionality.

Alex Anders

NO I-LOK PLEASE!!!!!! It is horrible bloatware...It is the plague, unnecessarily intrusive and is a deal breaker!!!...Your USB authentication is much better solution ...Thank you


For those of you who are against iLok I don't quit understand why you wouldn't want to use an ilok? I've been using it since 2009 and I'm still using the same ilok and I've had absolutely zero problems. Believe me if I did I'd be one of the complainers on here to but its been quit the opposite in my experience for 10 years now.

I love being able to bring my ilok with me to different studios and firing up my own plugins when they don't use the ones I use.

Ignore the noise Fabfilter and go ahead and hook us up with the ilok! Believe me if ilok was bad it wouldn't still exist today and its only gotten better. Again I've had absolute zero problems with my ilok and ilok software and ilok cloud!

Chris George

So what, if you had zero problems? Some people had more than 0 and some people just don't like it.
I, for example, don't like any trace of iLok or Pace on my main studio computer. When I use protools I use it from an external drive where all my iLok stuff is.
I don't like it, and it feels dirty having it on my computer.

On the other hand, i had my studio computer online since ever ALL THE TIME and i had absolutely 0 issues by having it online.

I don't care if its irrational, i just don't like iLok and Pace, they feel like poorly coded shitware, as opposed to FabFilter who are probably the most well coded plugins I have installed on my computer.

If FabFilter switches to PACE exclusively, i will likely sell the bundle and stop using it altogether, wouldn't be the first time i ditched a plugin vendor for switching to PACE.

I only bought Antares since they switched to Codemeter, I wouldn't touch it while using PACE. I also didn't buy anything from sonible for the same reason.

In any case, please give us an option - do not make it PACE exclusive, please.


And please stop pretending that using iLok somehow makes you more pro lol, it doesn't.


2 years later i'll try one last time.
I get all the comments above but for re-recording mixers it just does not work having to deal with registrations in a crazy expensive mixing stages you come across. I can't explain clients they'll have to wait for registration hassle while they pay for that studio time. If all plugins wouldn't support ilok that would be good for an hour of registration work. Also some studios are not connected to the internet, so your method won't work.
I really don't get why you would leave a lot of possible clients out in the cold while you could choose to support both ways. Do you have some kind of beef with the folks at iLok? For me the last 20 years was completely hassle free through their method.

All the best!


"Also some studios are not connected to the internet, so your method won't work."

Don't get what you mean by that. It's a simple serial/keyfile (even with all-in-one approach) which can be used offline to activtate all plugins at once. I put a text file next to the intaller on my HDD to have it available everytime I need to install them.

Though I like the idea of iLok (never had problems, great support when there were problems with a rogue dev, rescued me in the studio work when had to switch workstations), the FF copy protection is already one of the most comfortable.

Btw. please don't listen to the few people threatening you... Having an opinion is one thing, acting like a donkey is the other :-D


I'm seconding Mirko.

Adding iLok support adds nothing of value to customers since the FabFilter plugins can already be registered both "online" (copypaste the reg key from your email) and offline (put the key in a text file on a usb stick and copypaste it from there). There's nothing to be gained by adding technical limitations on where and how we can use the plugins.

FabFilter has one of the best registration systems and I hope they keep it that way also in the future.




Fabfilter is fantastic. Wish it had iLok.


I vote for iLok all day long. Moving between systems (which I do quite regularly) is a real pain without it.


Just bought a bundle of FabFilter plugins. They're awesome!

But I agree with many on this forum; some option to make a portable license would be highly desirable.

I enjoy just having to plugin my project drive (which contains licenses able to be assignable to a hard drive) for most plugins, and then iLok covers the rest. The iLok costs me one slot on the Apple keyboard (pre-bluetooth).

Having a cloud-based login or a way to license the plugins to a hard drive would be ideal.

Taylor Clarke

It’s already available from the cloud via the internet and your user account?
Just download it on a connected device and transfer it to the device with your plugins.
No need to make the rest of us suffer iLok.

I don’t want a 3rd party deciding if I can have permission to use stuff I purchased from Fabfilter.


Just want to give yall a heads up that i-lok was just recently cracked over the new years...


^ more info on that please? What does that mean for users?

Thomas Neal

Just google R2R

David Abeca

I'm not sure why people keep bringing things like this up in these discussions. It has no relevance whatsoever to legitimate users. I want iLok support because it simplifies and streamlines the entire authorization process. I just got a new laptop, installed iLok manager and I'm done. And if I don't want to use the dongle, I just drag all of my licenses from the cloud to the machine and that's it, no internet connection required after that. I've grown to greatly prefer this over my spreadsheet filled with hundreds of name/e-mail/code registrations. As long as it's optional, no one is forced to use it, so it's a win-win for everyone.


Glad that ilok got cracked. It slows down plugins and makes them cpu/ram heavy. I hope fabfilter never uses it...

Jay F
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