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Pro-C2 Compression Types

Hey everyone,

I know that Pro-C2 does not claim to emulate/model any specific vintage gear, but I thought it would be interesting and fun to see which compression type might have been inspired by which old gear.

This is pure theorizing on my part and everyones input and opinion is very much welcome. If Floris and Frederik could share some info as to their inspirations for the comp types, that would be of course cool. :)

Here goes:

Clean - Clean digital compression
Classic - I'd say the API 2500
Opto - Vintage opto compression
Vocal - LA2A perhaps
Mastering - I'd say Focusrite Red
Bus - SSL
Punch - 1176
Pump - DBX 160

What do you think?


I've been wondering that as well!

I don't need to emulate hardware. But I do need to understand what exactly those "Characters" do. Unfortunately the product is quite opaque in that regard. The Handbook gives us a 1 liner to hang on to for each character.

Only the "Clean" one is reasonably obvious. Well because it's clean. Should be comparable to a VCA compressor like the Dbx 160.

A classic opto would be an LA-2A or a CL1B. It means the compressor does not react to the current peak but a sort of weighted average that reflects more the audible loudness. It doesn't catch hard peaks but sounds more musical and less obvious.

A "Classic" could be anything. Maybe a Variable-Mu compressor? Mix Master Wyat said something like it feeds part of the wet signal back into the side chain... I'm not sure what that means and why a compressor would do that.

All the other characters are named in terms of application. That's sort of in line with FF philosophy but inappropriate in this case. Whether a compressor suits vocals or mastering or whether it pumps depends on the context. And what's the difference between bus and mastering compression anyway...

I'm sorry if I can't help much with the question, I'm just a bit annoyed by this aspect of the product at the moment. Compressor types are such a fundamental thing in mixing, a pro plugin should not shroud the hard facts in fancy consumer lingo...

I'll find out what's goin on, even if I have to call them on the phone a 100 times :) And when I found ourt, I'll get back to this thread.

All the best,


Ever find out?

Oscar South

Some detailed explanation from a fabfilter guy would indeed be great on this one..


I find it a bit strange that no one from fabfilter can step in and explain this?

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