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Surround Support for Pro-R? Ever?

Heading says it all. Is this *ever* going to happen? Jus' wondering when I can make this my default reverb.

Rich Breen

Hi Rich,

Yes! It's certainly going to happen, but I can't promise anything on when the implementation will be finished...

But I can tell that we're working on surround support (for our Pro plug-ins) as we speak!


Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Floris.
Just want to bump this post after 1 1/2 years. Any update on that?

Axel Rohrbach

Hi Axel,

All I can say is, we haven't forgotten about surround support in Pro-R. So far we've added surround support in Pro-L 2 and Pro-Q 3, and Pro-R is next on our list.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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