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Ableton Side Chain ProC2

Hey, I was wondering if anybody knows of a work around using ProC side chain in Ableton. From my understanding an individual track must be sent to the track that is being side chained. So say I want to side chain 10 tracks to the kick, do I have to create 10 kick tracks and send them to each track I want to side chain? This seems like of lot of additional tracks. In Ableton I can put the stocked compressor on any track and just select the one source "kick"using the same track for every individual track. Please tell this can be done with ProC and Ableton. Thanks!


Copy the kick track, rename it SC. Mute it. And then put a C2 compressor on a return track. then set the sidchain to the SC kick track.

Now you can send the tracks you want to sidechain to the return track.

Personally i set this up a few times, with different sidechains settings. one fast, the other slow etc.

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