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This Friday (black friday) will discounts offer??

Hello i wish you offer discounts in your plugins this friday!! Will be possible this?? Dou you think guys??


Please answer me guys!!


I think Fabfilter has usually discount on newyear.
(Look at KVR)


Just keep an eye on the website! ;-)

Floris (FabFilter)

Ohhhh FLORIS! I wish this friday in BLACK FRIDAY good discounts!!!


I am very disappointed with the Black Friday sale. I do not want to but the total bundle with only 25% discount in an Black Friday sale. I’m choosing other plugins instead.


This is the standard Fabfilter Deal. U get max 25% on total bundle.
And max. 50% on a single Plugin.
As far as i could see on KVR.
No reason to be Disapointed. It won't get better.



What if we already own a few plugins? The Total Bundle offer is meaningless to existing Fab Filter customers, unless we want useless duplicates.

Lynn Walker

Hi Lynn,

... just wait a few weeks; we might just do a Holiday Sale in December, like we often do ;-)

Floris (FabFilter)

If u own plugins. U have to login to your FabFilter account and get special deals.


Hi Floris,

Will there be a discount coming Black Friday?
As a student you get 50% discount. Is it possible to get more discount if you apply with a group of students?


I am excited for this year's Back Friday Sales. Im new to Fabfilter, so i'm hoping to get that Pro Q2.


... just keep an eye on the website or subscribe to the newsletter :-)

Floris (FabFilter)

Fab filter proq2

Luis Monroy

Fingers crossed there's a Black Friday deal on FX Bundle! I'm getting really tempted having downloaded some demos.


... keep an eye on the website! :-)

Floris (FabFilter)

Hi! I've a question. I a student, and I know that you guys have 50% discount in the total bundle, if we are students. So.. this 50% discount it's gonna be plus the 25%?

Gonçalo Martinho

Hi Gonçalo,

... in our system, different discounts are never combined... and the 50% EDU discount is the best we offer!

Floris (FabFilter)

I'm already an owner of some plugins, but does the black friday deals, or the holliday discounts add on to the discount you already have as verry happy owner of other plugs :D


Or is it better then the current discouhnt ?


@Jelle As you've probably noticed existing users get a poor discount. I have 2 plugs already and would normally get 20% off my next one but including the Black Friday deal I only get 30% off.

So new customers get 25% off and existing users get 30% (in my case). It should be 20% + 25% off to be fair as I only save £7 on Pro-Q 2 in the BF sales.

No new purchases for me :(

Happy Thanksgiving FabFilter! - Great plugins by the way ;)


Will you be having a black friday sale or Cyber Monday? I really want to get Saturn and Reverb plugin.


+1, want Saturn and Pro-R as well, looking forward for black friday discounts!


Keep an eye on our website guys!

Ralph (FabFilter)

No rent to own, and no Black Friday sale? Is Fabfilter living in the dark ages?


We want buy Pro Q and Pro C please make a good offer for black friday

Maylodisc Production

Waiting for BF promo to get Mastering Bundle + Saturn

Gerry D

Yep, watching it!!
How much longer?

"Keep an eye on our website guys!
Ralph (FabFilter) — Nov 10, 2019"


... sale starts Thursday morning CET!

Floris (FabFilter)



Looking forward to it. Thank you!

Santiago Valencia

I have been using the demos in my film work after reading a lot of good reviews about them and have really appreciated the skill and care that goes into them - this discount is a wonderful bonus - thank you to all the team =)


Thanks JP! The sale has just started now...

Floris (FabFilter)
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