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Bug in FabFillter plugins

Dear FabFilter development team,
I found a bug (more like an unexpected behaviour) in the very latest
versions of the following FF plugins:
- Pro Q2
- Pro L
- Pro MB
(if I remember correctly, the Q2 update is dated 10 March 2017)

The problem is not currently present in the latest version of FF Pro L 2.

If I remember correctly, the problem was not present also in the penultimate MB version (i.e before the March 2017 release).

It can be reproduced as follows:
- open Reaper 5.70 x64 on Windows 10 x64 bit (Reaper version does not matter)
- open latest version of FF Pro Q 2 (VST or VST3)
- open another instance of any plugin (reaper or fabfilter)
- when the first pro q2 is selected, the focus on the FX plugin windows is lost, so, no more selections of the plugins can be made and you have to click once more to one plugin to get the focus.
- the problem is not present when selecting the latest version of Pro

Please solve this problem, as navigating to the plugins of the Fx chain is very difficult with this behaviour.

I'm available to beta test the new versions.

Thank you
Best regards
Francesco Zanellato

Francesco Zanellato

Hi Francesco,

Thanks for reporting this issue! We'll investigate...

Floris (FabFilter)

My current issue is that the Pro-L2 is not setting a limit on the output. When I raise the gain, the volume of my entire track goes up.


If you use alt+drag, the output gain automatically adjusts inverse. So the total volume should be the same.

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