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Educational DIscount

Hello there! I applied for an Educational Discount a few days ago. Yesterday i have also e-mailed support and wrote a message on the official Facebook page of FabFilter and still got no update on my application. How long does this usually take?...

I really want to buy a couple of plug-ins and i kind of need them asap, but still don't want to miss a 50% discount opportunity..


... handled now!

Floris (FabFilter)

I'm having an issue applying for the educational discount. I submitted the application over a month ago when I downloaded the 30-day trial period and still have not received a response. I would like to purchase and continue using the filters so I sent in another application yesterday and sent another email but again no response. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Nathen,

We've just emailed you back regarding your edu application.


Frederik (FabFilter)

My demo for Pro Q 3 just ran out and I really want to purchase it ASAP. I submitted an education application and was wondering how long it usually takes to get a response? I'm in quite a time crunch.


Sina Wynne

Hi Sina,

We've approved your application today. :)


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey, I just recently submitted my application for educational offers. Wondering how long it'll take to get reviewed? I kinda need it ASAP.
Thank you!



I submitted a request for an educational discount a couple of months ago, and haven't heard anything back yet.

I submitted a new request today and hope you can look over it soon.



@Anton: Can you resubmit your request? It seems like we didn't get your original application: www.fabfilter.com/shop/educational-discounts

@Christopher: We've received and approved your new request today.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Just submitted my request. How long doest it typically take for a response?


Typically one working day. We will review it today.


Frederik Slijkerman

Hello I recently applied for the student discount but still haven’t gotten any updates on my status. I’m hoping I can buy some of the plugins soon to work on my finals!

Erick Garcia

Hi Erick,

We'll review your application today!


Frederik Slijkerman

Just wanted to follow up on the progress of processing my educational discount! Sent it in a little over a week ago.


Hi Hank,

I'm sorry, but I can't find an application with your email address. Can you please resubmit it?


Frederik Slijkerman

Just resubmitted it! Thank you Frederik!

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