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How do I reset FabFilter global plugin settings to their defaults?


Where do the FabFilter plugins store their global settings, and most importantly, how do I reset them to their defaults? (I am on a Mac and I use Logic.)

For example: the Pro-Q2 window size (small, medium, large), the analyzer setting (pre, post, pre+post), the display range (30, 12, 6, 3dB), etc. Basically all of the settings that are outside of the presets.

These settings seem to persist once they are set; for example when I set the window to large, all new instances of the plugin that I create are also large. This persistence happens across sessions and even reboots.

I want to reset all of these to their original defaults. How can I do this?



Uncle Freddie


You're right, the settings you describe persist once they are set; the idea behind this, is that when you choose a certain interface size, we expect that that's the size you'd like future instances to have as well...

There's no option to globally reset these settings.

Floris (FabFilter)

Thanks. Is there nothing I can do to reset this?

Will clearing the plugin cache of the DAW, as described here, reset it? www.arturia.com/faq/utilization/how-do-i-clear-my-audio-unit-cache

Will uninstalling my FabFilter plugin and re-installing it reset it?

Uncle Freddie

You can just set them to the default values: 12 dB for display range, medium analyzer size, etc. Or... just set them to how you like them!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thank you.

Is there any way to speed up the response to the click? its quite slow and slows me down.

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