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Pro-Q 3 Bug: On load preset shows but settings lost

This is probably related to other issue reported. Using Ableton 10.0.6b3, Mac 10.13.6 (High Sierra). I have saved a set as my default, which contains Pro-Q 3 (VST) on a track. This instance of Pro-Q 3 has a preset that I defined and saved. When I reopen Ableton and click on the Plugin Edit button of Pro-Q 3, none of the eq settings that I had saved are there, though the name of the preset is correct. If I select previous preset then next preset in Pro-Q 3, the preset settings then appear in the window and it works as expected.

Bill Lear

Hi Bill,

There's a Pro-Q 3.01 update online now which fixes this problem: www.fabfilter.com/download


Frederik (FabFilter)

I am experiencing this same issue, even on 3.01. ProQ 'forgets' EQ points - they vanish, completely messing up the track. Consistently reproducible. Makes the plugin virtually useless.

Andy Martin

Mojave 10.14.5
ProQ 3.01
Ableton Suite 10.1

Andy Martin

Upgraded to ProQ v3.11 (13/03/2019).
Issue is still there;
1. Set an EQ point.
2. Save Ableton Project
3. Close Ableton Project
4. Re-open Ableton Project
5. EQ point has vanished and any automation connected to it no longer does anything - as the EQ point has gone.

Andy Martin

Hi Andy,

Which plug-in format are you using in Live 10.1? I'm suspecting that this might be a bug in Live's VST3 support, so if you are using the VST3 version of Pro-Q 3, try the VST2 or the AU version instead.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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