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Pro Q3 dynamics question

Is there a way to add attack/release timing to the dynamic function?
This is actually a very useful tool especially if there is an issue with resonances that don't appear at the time of initial impact - like with a Snare ring for instance.

Any thoughts?


Eitan Teomi

Hi Eitan,

At the moment, you won't be able to adjust the attack and release time of your dynamic processing. First and foremost we designed Pro-Q 3 to be a simple yet powerful workhorse eq with some dynamic capabilities. We didn't want to implement too many features as we felt this would clutter up the interface too much. However, we did design the algorithm to be very frequency dependant so most of the time it will do the job. If you need more control over attack, release, lookahead etc. Pro-MB would still be a first choice!




Hi Maarten,

I understand your idea that you want to keep the interface clean and simple. But as a sound designer I would like to have more control over the attack/release of the dynamic EQs. At the moment this is a real obstacle for me on Q3. Since you say your algorithm can do it anyway, would it be possible to implement a kind of "Pro Button" that reveals access to these values? I could imagine that other audio post people would appreciate that, too. Pro-MB is unfortunately not an alternative because I need the many bands and high Q values of an EQ. Thank you very much.

Many greetings

Christian Heck

I am not a pro - even I wish I was and I sometimes would need to say to some people I am, (not saying I do), I am right now dealing with this. I came to internet wisdom to check the "lookahead" feature on ProQ3. Which I think there's not and bumped into your comment Chris. Unfortunately you would have to go to Nova by TDR, whom added this to their EQ. Not the lookahead, but the attack and release and ratio. I didn't get to use PROQ3 a lot, but everybody loves it. I get it might be the best, but Nova for 60 dollars, can do the job needed on this occasion. Even the free version.
Still love Fabfilter of course :-)


Just echoing that Pro-MB is the real solution here if you want to stay in the FabFilter world. It not only has individual attack and release times for each band, but lookahead, more advanced stereo link controls, and can even listen to a totally different frequency range than what it's processing. It's a slippery slope, and adding all of these features in Pro-Q3 would be totally overkill.

Just like Pro-MB isn't a surgical tone shaping tool, Pro-Q3 is not a surgical dynamics processing tool.

Adam D
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