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Pro Q 3- Instance names in Spectrum Analyzer not showing in Live

I just got Pro Q3 today for Ableton Live on Mac, and in the Spectrum Analyzer, I am not shown my track names (ie Bass, Snare, Kick etc), only Pro-Q (1), ProQ (2), Pro-Q (3) etc.

This makes it very hard for me to work out which tracks these are referring to, as I need to manually check which is Track 1, 2, 3 etc each time, and detracts from the workflow.

Am I doing something wrong here?


Thanks for reporting this! It’s a known issue and we’ll try to see if it can be fixed; we’re not yet sure whether it’s a problem on Ableton Live’s side or our side... we’ll investigate!

Floris (FabFilter)

Also, apparently the AU version does work with the tracknames, so I’ve heard. You might want to try that :)


Thanks Bram. You're right, Audio Units are working fine for this!


Is there a resolution for windows users? This functionality was the main reason I purchased Pro Q 3. None of the Ableton track names fill in so it just says Pro Q (1), (Pro Q (2) etc.


We're working with Ableton on a solution for this problem.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I noticed the same issue in Reaper. Is there something I could try on my own to make Pro Q3 naming adapt to the track's names within Reaper automatically, or is there no other way than naming the Q3 instances manually right now?
Other than that Q3 works perfectly for me. :)

Cheers and thanks,


Hello, I too just purchased FabFilterQ3 and cannot see track names while using Q3 in Ableton. Any idea when this might be resolved?


Any update on this? Im sure you guys know it can be really a time consuming task to manually rename every instance when you have a 20+ stem import project ;)
Do you know if its on Ableton's side (Im using Ableton 10.1b20 build, and im happy to open a request if this is the case) or is it a bug in Ff Q3?
its the only flaw in Q3 which is a shame since it is a brilliant product!

kind regards


Communicating the track name to Pro-Q 3 requires AU (Mac only) or VST3. Fortunately Live 10.1 supports VST3:

Are you using the VST3 version of Pro-Q 3 in Live 10.1?


Frederik (FabFilter)


Same problem here with Pro Q 3 using FL Studio 20, Q 3 is not reading the name of the channel; I have tried both VST3 and AU, neither worked. In an effort to be better organized, it would be nice to have the ability to have them ranked alphabetically, or give us a few options on how to organize the Q3 names that will hopefully soon read the track names given, it will make it easier to find a track from the dozens we typically have in any given session.

How will we know when an update is available?



Hi Gino,

You need to ask the FL Studio folks to support this with the VST3 and AU formats.


Frederik Slijkerman

Hey guys,

unfortunately it is still not working in Ableton 10.1 as a VST3. It is not showing the track names, just the name of the instances (Pro-Q - Pro Q(1) - Pro Q(2)..and so on).
Is there a setting that need to be activated or should it work automatically?



That must be an oversight on their part. I can confirm that the track names don't get through so I'll contact Ableton to see if they can fix that in an update.


Frederik Slijkerman

I’m having same issue with Cubase 10..
I do recall seeing the track names when working on an earlier project though???

Peter Miller

Track names definitely show up in Cubase, as long as you're using the VST3 plugin version of Pro-Q 3. It's in the EQ section in the inserts list, marked with the /// VST3 icon.


Frederik Slijkerman
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