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Free update for Pro-Q3

I purchased and registered Pro - Q 2 on December 1, but will it be upgraded to Pro - Q 3 without charge?


Sure! I just added a Pro-Q 3 upgrade to your account. It didn't happen automatically because you activated your purchase after the Pro-Q 3 release.


Frederik (FabFilter)


I'm in the same situation. Could you update my account too, please?


Steve P

I also registered Pro - Q 2 on December 2, but will it be upgraded free to Pro - Q 3?

kuniaki sasaki

You should have received a free upgrade; if not, send us an email and we'll sort it out.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey there, also having this issue. I have an email that states upgrade but to pay for?

Jason Lunar

I just purchased 5 Total Bundles and I just activated it today. I was hoping to have the new Pro-Q3 as well.
Could I get a license for that because I just purchased everything this week?


I purchased the Q2 and saw that the Q3 came out right after I purchased. But I don't see a free upgrade to Q3. When I look at my account, it wants an additional $89 to upgrade. I haven't even used the Q2 yet.

Brian Brock

Brian, Clarke: I've added free Pro-Q 3 upgrades to your account.

Jason: Your Pro-Q 2 purchase dates back to 2015 so the two-month grace period doesn't apply, sorry!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Just bought the Mastering Bundle... but it is not letting me activate Pro Q3 with the auth code. plz help

Dan Morrell

Hi Dan,

Please email us for help with your license key.


Frederik (FabFilter)


I too received Q2 close to the release of Q3 and would like to see if I can get the free upgrade.

Sent over an email earlier today, waiting for a response.

Thank you!


I just bought Pro-Q3 but the client has a session with Pro-Q2 how can I make them work.

Ruben I Gomez

Hi Ruben,

Just install Pro-Q 2 on your system. You can download it here:

If you own Pro-Q 3, you can retrieve a license for Pro-Q 2 from your FabFilter account. First log in, then click on "View license key" for your Pro-Q 3 order, then click "View license keys for earlier versions" at the top of the page.


Frederik (FabFilter)


I bought the Pro Fabfilter bundle in the latter half of 2018. I downloaded the update today and it only has Q-3 on it. Do I get this as an update?

Let me know. Thanks!!

Adham Z.

HI where do I find the free pro q update in my account dahsboard?..TY


Hi Ben,

We only offered free upgrades to Pro-Q 3 to users who purchased Pro-Q 2 just before the release of Pro-Q 3. Your Pro-Q 2 purchase dates back to 2016 so the two-month grace period doesn't apply, sorry!


Frederik (FabFilter)
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