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Free update for Pro-Q3

I purchased and registered Pro - Q 2 on December 1, but will it be upgraded to Pro - Q 3 without charge?


Sure! I just added a Pro-Q 3 upgrade to your account. It didn't happen automatically because you activated your purchase after the Pro-Q 3 release.


Frederik (FabFilter)


I'm in the same situation. Could you update my account too, please?


Steve P

I also registered Pro - Q 2 on December 2, but will it be upgraded free to Pro - Q 3?

kuniaki sasaki

You should have received a free upgrade; if not, send us an email and we'll sort it out.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey there, also having this issue. I have an email that states upgrade but to pay for?

Jason Lunar

I just purchased 5 Total Bundles and I just activated it today. I was hoping to have the new Pro-Q3 as well.
Could I get a license for that because I just purchased everything this week?


I purchased the Q2 and saw that the Q3 came out right after I purchased. But I don't see a free upgrade to Q3. When I look at my account, it wants an additional $89 to upgrade. I haven't even used the Q2 yet.

Brian Brock

Brian, Clarke: I've added free Pro-Q 3 upgrades to your account.

Jason: Your Pro-Q 2 purchase dates back to 2015 so the two-month grace period doesn't apply, sorry!


Frederik (FabFilter)
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