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Pro-Q 3 Suggestion: Editing of all Instances from one GUI

thanks for the already very nice Pro-Q3 upgrade. Nevertheless I believe there are some features missing to be ahead of the game again. Besides the frequently requested sidechain- and compressor controls a multitrack-feature would be really great.

At the moment it is very easy to detect problems in the External-Spectrum view, but if you want to change another channel, it involves many clicks to find and open the other Pro-Q3 instance in the DAW. That is not streamlined and feels half way there.

I would suggest that it should be possible to select not only the active External Spectrum, but also the active instance for edits within each GUI.

There is a very similar function in Meldonye studio too, which I daily use:

Thanks for your attention! :)


Hi Chris,

Thanks for the suggestion -- we did think about it but simply didn't have time to add this feature now. We'll definitely consider it for future updates!


Frederik (FabFilter)

This feature would be SO epic! Only one open window on screen to perform all EQ'ing of all tracks.


I agree. That would be a major update that would massively improve the workflow, and in my opinion would be rated top of the list for next feature updates.


I would lose my mind. Fantastic idea.


I agree great Idea !

Adrien Maljean

Fantastic idea and looks like Fabfilter are listening :)

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