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I am having difficulty implementing the sidechain using Q3 with Presonus Studio One in my MAC. Couldn’t find the answer in the manual. Am I missing something? I have set the proper routing and checked the sidechain button on the EQ.


I am having a problem also using Studio One v4.1. I can see the side chain choices but when I select the side chain input and make a band dynamic the band is reacting to the channel it is on and not the side chain input. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Gary Claggett

Pro-Q 3 doesn't currently use the side chain for triggering, only for spectrum visualization. However there has been a ton of requests for this and we're looking into adding it to the next update.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Yes! Please add it quickly. I need side chain in every song. Now I have to use izotope Neutron; it works! But I like the Pro Q3 better, also do it!!!

Van Vogt

If dynamic sidechaining will be possible in the (near) future then I'll make a YouTube tutorial on how to make your own "trackspacer" with Pro-q3. :-) I already made the preset. It's already useful for smoothing out the overall balance of a track. (The auto threshold is awesome!)

Erik Zwaag
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