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New Pro Q3 without Sidechain in dynamic mode?

Is it right? There is no sidechain function in dynamic mode?
For such expensive EQ? Look at trd nova, it is FREE and have this function.

Please think about.

Cheers, keep rocking


Hi Peter,

We've already discussed it here:

In short, we omitted it to keep the feature set straightforward, but due to all the feedback we received, we're considering adding it in an update.


Frederik (FabFilter)

........Per band sidechian;)


+1 per band sidechain

Daily Llama

+1 million for per band sidechain. Kind of shocked this wasn't included.


Interesting to not include side chain hoping customers wouldn't notice or care. Seems like a bit of a gap somewhere - between fabfilter and their understanding of customers? That's odd considering they get everything else right. I wonder if there are stakeholders who are primarily business driven that veto'ed everyone else there saying they have to include sc. It's the only thing I can think of as bean-counters usually don't care about people. Or, FF just hoped. Really strange to see this occur from a company that otherwise understands customer needs. Oh to have been a fly on the wall in the business meetings.


Please also consider a money back phase for those who updated but didn't want the sidechain feature and would then have to pay for the ui cluttering, the processing overload and new bugs...


Also for anyone wondering where to get this functionality you can get it from TDR nova. it's decent, but lacks the masking markers.


Please add this feature. This is the only thing about Pro-Q3 that does not make sense... Everything else is brilliant, but the omission is an odd choice.


External side chain triggering is going to be in the next update, to be released very soon!


Frederik (FabFilter)

It's here \o/ thanks FF!


Thank you very much for adding the sidechain-feature!

Nevertheless I am a little surprised about the decision to use the full-band signal for triggering. This indeed is the most flexible solution like mentioned in the manual. But most of my dynamic compressor use cases (like masking topics) work better with a band-limited sidechain signal. The need to filter the sidechain-signal before Pro-Q looks contradictory to the streamlined Q3 workflow to me. Maybe I am overlooking something?


Thank you guys, you are the best!


Nice work FF -- we asked and you listened!


Thanks for the addition of the Sidechain feature on Q3, still - t h e - best EQ .



After the new update I can't get the sidechain to work at all in Reaper? The plugin now shows up as quadro channel input and output, and the input that is supposed to be the sidechain input now shows up as main signal in channels 3+4?

Steps: mono file in a track. Insert fabfilterQ3. The plugin shows up as 2in2out, just like normal.

Drag another channel for making a side chain input: add new channels to the track. Now the ProQ changes into quadro channel plugin? The sidechain input shows up on the right hand side meter, but it doesn't become a sidechain input like it's supposed to.


mikko, take a look at Frederick's first reply here: www.fabfilter.com/forum/3423/pro-q3-sidechaining-in-reaper


Just a quick note about the idea that FF isn't listening or bean counters are stifling devs:

While either of those may indeed be true, it's much more likely that the development team de-prioritized the feature themselves to ensure they'd be able ship the Pro Q3 before the end of last year.

The fact that the team is so responsive, not only acknowledging your request but also that it is in consideration for an update, is a big deal.

Maybe chill out a bit on the assumptions and enjoy the fact that FabFilter have created a beautiful tool and are a responsive dev team.

Aaron Ruby
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