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Pro-Q3 Doesn't Save When I Reopen Old Projects

I've been having a reoccurring issue with the new update for Pro-Q where the settings - all the EQing work I did - doesn't save when I reopen Ableton Live 10. I'm using the VST2 version of the plugin and I haven't seen anyone else report this bug yet. Does anyone else have issues with your Pro-Q3 not saving between sessions or is this just a bug for me?

So far this has happened every time I try to save a project with Pro-Q3.

My computer's specs are as follows:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800x @3950Mhz
RAM: 32gb @3044
OS: Windows 10 Home x64 10.0.17134
GRAPHICS: Nvidia GTX 1080


Logan Richardson

Hi Logan,

That was a bug in Pro-Q 3.00 which we've already fixed in a new 3.01 version. You can download it here:


Frederik (FabFilter)

As far as i can tell, this has not been fixed, In fact, instead of not saving states, it deletes certain information at random sometimes getting it back when i reload the project. VERY frustrating. Some saves work, other times not. Using Ableton 10.

Anthony Thogmartin

Same problem here


That sounds very odd and we haven't had any reports about this problem. Can you explain in more detail exactly what is happening?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey! I am still having this issue with the new update, this is very unfortunate because i love using fab filter but i have to set it down for now since there is nothing i can do to make it save my edits haha

scott s

Hi Scott,

Can you please email us with more specific information?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I’ve been having the same issue. Did you find a fix ?

Jesse clarke
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