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Pro-Q3 Doesn't Save When I Reopen Old Projects

I've been having a reoccurring issue with the new update for Pro-Q where the settings - all the EQing work I did - doesn't save when I reopen Ableton Live 10. I'm using the VST2 version of the plugin and I haven't seen anyone else report this bug yet. Does anyone else have issues with your Pro-Q3 not saving between sessions or is this just a bug for me?

So far this has happened every time I try to save a project with Pro-Q3.

My computer's specs are as follows:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800x @3950Mhz
RAM: 32gb @3044
OS: Windows 10 Home x64 10.0.17134
GRAPHICS: Nvidia GTX 1080


Logan Richardson

Hi Logan,

That was a bug in Pro-Q 3.00 which we've already fixed in a new 3.01 version. You can download it here:


Frederik (FabFilter)

As far as i can tell, this has not been fixed, In fact, instead of not saving states, it deletes certain information at random sometimes getting it back when i reload the project. VERY frustrating. Some saves work, other times not. Using Ableton 10.

Anthony Thogmartin

Same problem here


That sounds very odd and we haven't had any reports about this problem. Can you explain in more detail exactly what is happening?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Hey! I am still having this issue with the new update, this is very unfortunate because i love using fab filter but i have to set it down for now since there is nothing i can do to make it save my edits haha

scott s

Hi Scott,

Can you please email us with more specific information?


Frederik (FabFilter)

I’ve been having the same issue. Did you find a fix ?

Jesse clarke

I have the same problem

wayne hennessey

Please e-mail us at info@fabfilter.com with as much specific information as possible, and we'll investigate!

Floris (FabFilter)

I'm having the same problem while using it in Adobe Premiere Pro. Extremely frustrating. It works while playing in the timeline and then completely mutes whatever its applied to after in the exported media...

Rob D.

This is also happening with Pro-C 2 and other fab plugins... I'll continue testing. I just downloaded these on my work computer which is how i started noticing the problem.

Rob D.

Yes i also have the same problem.

everytime i close a project in ableton and open another all the adjustments are deleted.


Hey guys, I'm using Ableton as well and having the same problem when I'm using VST version.
You should try Audio Unit version of the plugin, then it solves the problem and you will be able to safe your adjustments when you re open the project

Roman Kislianskii

I suspect this is a problem with Ableton's VST3 implementation. Which version of Pro-Q 3 and Ableton Live are you using?


Frederik (FabFilter)

Same story for me. Opened Ableton this morning to find that all of my eq settings had reset.


same issue here, using v3.11 pro q 3 and ableton 10.1.14 on windows 10. Re opening a project I had pro q 3 in and half of the channels have all the data points erased. This has never happened before to my knowledge.

Stephen Britten

I get this behaviour also with Live 10.1.14 using Pro-Q3 in VST3 form. However, I *do* see all my EQ points and settings.. for some reason though, the audio coming through the EQ is at a much much lower level. If I turn the device off, I hear the full signal coming through.

Resolution for me: click the A/B to go to B, which is a copy of A by default. Then change B to "Default Setting" preset, which gets the full signal. Then hit A/B to go back to A, and now the EQ "sounds" correct. None of the points or settings have changed.

This usually happens when I open the project. Very frustrating to have to do this for every track that Pro-Q3 is on.


Yep, just spent £300 on FabFilter plugins (Pro-Q3, Pro-C2 and Pro-R), did hours of EQing and compressing on a mix in Ableton Live 10 today, exported audio to listen, closed the session. When I opened it later, all the FabFilter plugin settings had deleted back to default.

This is ridiculous, I can see posts/queries about this from 2 years ago and still no fix. The 'update' from a year or so ago supposedly fixed this, but it didn't. What is going on?!

Ian Rockett

Let's get to the bottom of this. So I have Live 10.1.15 on Windows and Pro-Q 3.14, running as VST3 in Live. If I create a new session with one audio clip, put Pro-Q 3 on it, make some curves, and save it, it is reloaded perfectly every time. So for me at least, this bug doesn't happen every time you load a session with Pro-Q 3. Some questions:

- Does the bug always happen, with every Pro-Q 3 instance, on every session load, for you guys? Or is it random?
- Can you share a session with me at info@fabfilter.com (simple/small sessions preferred)? Please send it via WeTransfer which makes it easy to send large files.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I am doing my best to figure out how to reproduce this. It used to happen every time I opened the project file, but it's now happening much less frequently. It seems intermittent. I will reply to your email as soon as I can figure out how to make it happen more reliably.

Nothing has changed since the time where it was happening every time, except I upgraded to version 3.14.

Also note -- my problem is different than the one these people are describing. My settings are not lost, all the eq points and curves etc. are still there, they are just being applied incorrectly, until I switch presets and then hit undo.

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