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Pro Q-3- Issue with Audio Units in Ableton on Mac

I am using the AU version of Pro Q-3 on a session in Ableton 10 (as the AU version works with Instance naming, and VST2 doesn't), and I am finding that every time I open Pro Q-3, and add/edit an EQ curve, the spinning wheel appears and stays spinning for 20-30 seconds before I can use Pro Q-3 again. After that it is okay. But if I open a new instance of Pro Q-3 (say on another track), it happens every time.

This is 100% reproducible on my current Ableton project (around 20 audio/midi tracks). I have a new Mac Mini 2018 (Core i7, 32GB Ram, 512GB SSD) running Mojave, so not a slow machine.

Is this a known issue?


Just to add that this issue does not occur when using the VST2 version of Pro Q-3.


Thanks for the report, we're going to look into it!


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks Frederic. If you need any further information from me on this issue, or even any screen recording, let me know.


Hi Frederic,
Any update on this?

Even on a new small project I have just started, using Audio Units is not viable. This bug appears every time.

I have to use VST2 in Ableton, as they do not support VST3, and this means that Instance naming does not work correctly, making my workflow much more difficult to manage.

I would much rather use the Audio Units, where Instance naming works, but this bug gets in the way.



Hi pramster,

We're looking into this! We've tested on Mojave with the latest Ableton Live 10, but haven't been able to reproduce this issue yet...

Does it only happen when adding a new curve, or also when editting an existing one? Does is happen only when using many instances, or also with the first or second instance?


Floris (FabFilter)

Hi Floris,
This seems to happen more on a project when using multiple instances, however yesterday for the first time, it happened upon loading the first instance, and when adding a new curve. After that it was not reproducible on that smaller project. If I load up another project with more tracks and instances, it is always reproducible.

Have you tested on the new Mac Mini 2018?

I ask, as I am having some audio latency issues with my USB audio interface (Scarlett 6i6), and there are a lot of forum reports that this is caused by the new T2 chip. Thunderbolt audio interfaces are not affected.


love the functionality of the plugin, but the audio unit pro q 3 has completely bricked an important project of mine. I cant open it and its lagging ableton 10 like crazy. Definitely needs bug fixes and refinements.


We've been able to find the cause for this problem with AU in Ableton Live, and a fix will be in an upcoming 3.02 update.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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