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Faster attack option for Q3


First of all, thank you for making Q3 so intuitive and fast to use. I love being able to equalize the attack and sustain portion of a sound differently.

That said, I think Q3 would really benefit from a fast attack option. The current attack time seems to be roughly 10 milliseconds and that's too slow to use the dynamic EQ to pass the transients unaffected and only EQ the tail. What instead happens is that the very initial transient is EQd according to the static gain and the dynamic gain only catches up in the later part of the attack stage. An easy example would be clave track where you want to preserve the attacks as-is but decrease the sustain level.


+1 for this, I actually came to the forum today to request the same thing. If given adjustable attack release for each dynamic filter (which many are requesting! :) ) Nothing is more frustrating than a fast attack that isn't fast enough. an attack knob that goes to 0 ms is a must have for a such a brilliant precision tool. It's a waste without it !!!


And a slower release too


As a user I'd prefer not having fancy attack & release controls. The only reason I ask for a faster attack option (not for arbitrary attack time) is that the current attack time of 10 milliseconds is too slow to handle transients properly.

In fact a simple global "transient" option would do fine with attack & release tuned automatically for that would be perfect as it would not complicate the current streamlined UI and would allow using the automatic threshold setting (which itself works great).


Nothing wrong with a little more complication if it lends more control, everyone uses it differently :)

I'm sure fabfilter can find a way to implement adjustable attack and release without bogging down the GUI.


This is the only thing holding me back from buying the Q3. I've been using pro Q and Pro Q2 for years and would love to have the dyn-eq in one plugin, but without independent attack and release controls I really can't justify paying for the upgrade. Please add attack and release times!


if pro-q3 has full featured dynamic option, who needs pro-mb?

eunkyue sohn



After using the pro Q3 since the release. I do think the dynamic EQ can really benefit from attack and release control.

And I don't think It will complicate the plugins as it's basic and essential tools

It's really frustrating not to be able to tweak those settings. often I find myself switching to pro MB ...but I would prefer to have on Pro Q3.

Adrien Maljean

Me to for attack and release! this is a MUST to me.


Kicking this one in the pants for a attack/release option. IMO, this is what makes Waves' F6 a little better than FF Q3....that and a more, intuitive threshold control.

Make it happen, FF!


I've come here to say much the same things; love the Pro Q3, would love it even more with attack and release settings!


Robbie churches

...and how good would it be to have the high/low pass filters trigger dynamically as well‽

Robbie churches

(in the frequency domain)

Robbie churches

Hi Robbie,

If you need more detailed settings for your dynamic EQ'ing we suggest you check out our Pro MB.


Ralph (FabFilter)

If only Pro-MB had steeper slopes (96 dB/oct) so you could set up narrower bands... ;-)



I think they've purposely made proQ3's dynamics lesser versatile, so that they don't lose customers' attraction for the $199 proMB. No hard feelings though.

Even if pro q3 is $249 (not $179) I would buy it, if there are attack, release, knee, distinguished ratio and thresh, etc. instead of buying both ProQ3 & ProMB which is $378 (too expensive for me).

Dulmin Perera

Hi Dulmin,

It's not necessarily a sales trick, we just could not get any more parameters in Pro-Q 3 while keeping the GUI nice and clean like we wanted to.


Ralph (FabFilter)

Thanks! We've taken the approach of keeping the dynamics system in Pro-Q 3 as simple as possible, using an advanced algorithm to automatically choose attack/release times for 95% of all dynamic EQ cases. While we could of course have added dedicated attack/release controls, we feel this would clutter the interface too much, and take away the elegance and simplicity that is one of Pro-Q's key features.
If you really need total control for frequency-dependent dynamic processing, we recommend to use Pro-MB instead.
Frederik (FabFilter) — Jan 29, 2019

This Message clearly shows why, they have not implemented Attack and Release time settings in Pro MB.

Anubhav Ukil

Idea to FabFilter:

Many people ask here for more controls etc. attack/release, but FabFilter needs to keep Pro-Q GUI clean (no place for knobs/buttons).

Why not just add only one "Dynamic" mode button inside Eq band controls (something like Pro-MB has for side chain settings).

Clicking on it opens up small slide panel where all dynamic eq settings are located.
Then anyone who needs extra control over dynamic band can access these settings.
FabFilter can even move tiny buttons around Gain knob to there and make Pro-Q GUI more clean.

Its simple and GUI mess free solution.

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