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Feature Request: Pro-C 2 "All Instances" Oversampling Option

Sometimes I have 20+ Pro-C 2 instances all over a mix. I usually have them with oversampling turned off so it's easier on the CPU, then just before I render the mix I change them all to 4x oversampling.

Currently I have to hunt down, open and change the oversampling of each instance of Pro-C 2 individually, which can be time consuming. It would be great if you could just open 1 of the many Pro-C 2 instances, change it to oversampling and have an option to "Set This Amount For All Instances". Tokyo Dawn's Kotelnikov GE compressor has this option as "Set quality for all instances".

Furthermore, you could even implement separate real-time and offline (render) oversampling settings, so the user can simply set and forget right from the start, no worries. Cytomic's The Glue compressor has this option (plus upto 64x oversampling for total annihilation of aliasing).

Just a few suggestions to add more class and sophistication to this magnificent processor. Thanks!


Hi Jason,

Thanks for the suggestion. We are definitely going to look into a good way to make changes to multiple instances in future versions of our plugins.


Frederik (FabFilter)

This would be great feature for Pro-Q as well! I need..

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