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Merge FF Q3 settings

Q2/3 is probably my most used plugin!

When trying to fix something I usually just add a new instance of Q3 - and than add 1 or 2 filters to fix what I need.

As a result I can end up with a few instances on a track. Sometimes it can make sense to merge them together - either because I want to save a EQ set to use again - or because I'm running out of ProTools insert slots.

Is there a way to do this? You can copy by hand - but with dynamic EQ on Q3 it's not so easy!

If not it would be a great addition, FF has so many filter slots that I can't imagine this being much of a limitation (although obviously the code would need to handle this).


+1 to that !
Maybe it can be like a 'copy/paste selected bands' tool


Great suggestion, we'll think about a good way to do this in a future update.


Frederik (FabFilter)

I was just thinking the same thing as the OP, and found this thread. Do we know whether there's been any progress on adding this feature? Thanks!

Andrew Lavender

Just started with FabFilter Q3 and it was the first thing I searched for. I don’t need to merge, just apply presets additively.

Neil Burnett

would still love to see this!

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