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Pro-Q3 licence valid for Pro-Q2?

After a 30 day trial of Pro-Q2 on my old ProTools HD2 (TDM) system I would like to buy tha plug-in. But the BUY NOW button only leads to Pro-Q3.

If I buy this Pro-Q3 does the licence key also open up the installed Pro-Q2 version?

ProTools HD version is 8.1
MacOS is 10.6.8


Hi Roland,

After you've purchased Pro-Q 3, your FabFilter account will also give you access to license keys for earlier versions. After your purchase, in your account overview, click on 'View license key' for your Pro-Q 3 order, and then click 'View license keys for earlier versions' at the top.

Note that Pro-Q 3 no longer supports RTAS, and requires Mac OS X 10.8 as a minimum, so you really need Pro-Q 2 on your system for 10.6 and RTAS support. You can always download it here:


Frederik (FabFilter)
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