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Pro Q 3 : Suggestion for adding attack,releaes,ratio and ... like what's in Pro MB

The pro q 3 is very fantastic but IMO only thing is :
In dynamic processing it need to be added the attack,release,ratio and etc like what's in Pro MB , it really will complete the design and performance of dynamic processing in pro q 3.
Thank you very much.
Hamid Shahmirzaee
Studio Avaye Pardis Co.



Thanks! We've taken the approach of keeping the dynamics system in Pro-Q 3 as simple as possible, using an advanced algorithm to automatically choose attack/release times for 95% of all dynamic EQ cases. While we could of course have added dedicated attack/release controls, we feel this would clutter the interface too much, and take away the elegance and simplicity that is one of Pro-Q's key features.

If you really need total control for frequency-dependent dynamic processing, we recommend to use Pro-MB instead.


Frederik (FabFilter)

Thanks for your complete and fast answer.


Great choice indeed. Keeping this design uncluttered is essential for Fabfilter's GUI and usability. And there's always Pro-MB if you want to ADSR to your heart's content.


Hi Maarten,

I understand your idea that you want to keep the interface clean and simple. But as a sound designer I would like more control over the attack/release of the dynamic EQs. At the moment this is a real obstacle for me on Q3. Since your algorithm seems to be able to do it anyway, would it be possible to implement a kind of "Pro Button" (or a secret shortcut) that reveals access to these values? I could imagine that other audio post people would appreciate that, too. Pro-MB is unfortunately not an solution because I need the many bands and high Q values and overall workflow of an EQ and don`t want to "work around" with a second plugin. Thank you very much.

Many greetings

Christian Heck

lol pro-mb will be abandoned.

and please add the multiband subtle saturation function.
why not? :)


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your feedback. I understand your reasoning, but for now we've decided not to add dedicated attack/release controls to Pro-Q 3.


Frederik (FabFilter)

..at least consider adding some tweaked modes like "fast-med-slow" or something if not attack and release.
It's very hard to use it as it is and I can certainly say that one can't really use it in 70-80% of the cases as needed, definitely not a 'vanilla' flavor as it's simply too slow. Dyn-eqs are often for surgical use, they need to be very fast... not very slow just to "prevent from sounding 'bad' in ALL cases.


I have to second this. As it is, the roughly 10 millisecond attack time means a lot (or even most) of the transient is missed, A "fast attack" button that switched it to 1 ms or shorter would fix this well enough. What is the point of applying EQ to a transient if half of the transient is missed?


Second couple of kvr members =).
I'm missing slow/med/fast release settings too.


I have just upgraded from Q2 to Q3.
I also miss an "attack and release speed" feature.
I add my comments here to support it:
Using this dynamic EQ like a de-esser, I have found that sometimes the "recover" speed is not fast enough, therefore, after the de-essing, the voice remains a little bit "dark". This cannot be resolved setting the "threshold" and the "range" settings.

I know there is already a FabFilter De-essere plugin, but, you know, a professional dynamic EQ should be able to easily replace a De-esser.
Many other dynamic EQs already have this feature, at a lower price ;-).

I hope the attack and release speeds will get implemented in future revisions.

About the rest of the features, I think Q3 is almost complete (I can live without dedicated band saturation and "sidechain treatment", since these features can be implemented in other ways in a DAW like Reaper).

Thank you in advance for your support.

Best regards,

Francesco Zanellato
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