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Pro-Q 3 automation bug?

I have made some electronic clap sound, and I used Pro-Q 3 to automate a boost with a high-shelf filter. Something weird happens, the first clap has a much higher volume and a much higher attack in all the three processing mode. Can someone explain what was happening?
(It seems like it was the following claps having a lower attack and volume as it should be, as the automation has a fast attack and I boost it for about 20 dB)

Chan Yat Fu

Also, is there any way I could change the attack, release and knee setting of the dynamic eq?

Chan Yat Fu

Hi Chan,

It could be that the automatic threshold algorithm is changing the threshold after the first clap. Can you try to use a manual threshold instead?

More information:

The dynamic EQ algorithm in Pro-Q 3 uses automatic attack, release and knee settings.


Frederik (FabFilter)
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