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Notch Ring Best setting for Audio Post

I am finding that the ringing artifact as it is called by Fab engineers is something to watch for. Using ProQ3 on notching camera and other narrow tones out of dialog creates more of an issue of unwanting the ringing artifact that pulses with amplitude. The fix I have found is to use Linear Phase medium but not make the notch ultra narrow as its default start. The Natural Phase is worse and seems to be opposite the little tip note that pops up.

Any post mixers or dialog mixers have any experience with this and what you find as a solution or best set up for dialog notching?
Best AB


I just realized that Q3 was producing that ringing effect on each end of loud dialog line....Was wandering if my studio was resonating...after we just did a few cosmetic and structural adjustments the week before starting my dialog premix......it's a shame I'll have to let go Q3 from my setup....just not possible to loose that much time... in need of a new notch plugin !!!!!!!

Christian Rivest

Hi Christian,

There was a bug in Pro-Q 3 that could cause this ringing effect when using dynamic EQing... but we fixed that in the 3.10 version released in February. The current version is 3.11, released in March:

Can you check whether you're running the latest version?


Frederik Slijkerman
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